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Rose Gold Jewelry: Pros and Cons

rose gold gemstone rings jewelry

Rose gold is one of the strongest golds because it’s mixed with copper. The common mixture that is used to create the pink-reddish color of rose gold is seventy-five percent gold and twenty-five percent copper. While yellow gold can potentially be “pure,” rose gold will never be pure gold because it’s mixed with copper to […]

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Metal Ring Alternatives

SOLEED Rings Wooden Wedding Band For Men and Women, 6mm Natural Olive Wood Ring, Comfort Fit Design, Domed Top

by: William Slater Kirk The trouble with rings is, they’re shiny. They catch your eye with shimmering brilliance and command attention. This is typically considered a desirable for most, but some key occupations do not mix well with shiny. Metal has a bad hobbit of conducting electricity. Part of the reason metal is shiny is […]

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What Does Gemology Mean?

Written by: Annie Murray Gemology is the study of gemstone materials.  It is a specialty science that requires great expertise and care for these precious rocks. Gemologists specialize in caring for these materials and analyzing them carefully, often with the help of specific equipment built for the task of examining fine details in gemstones. How […]

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Pearls – Simple, Elegant, Exotic

pearls simple elegant exotic

by: Grant Edvalson Precious metals and rare gems have played enormous parts in symbolism, mysticism, worship, and culture throughout the world for many centuries.  In ancient times precious gems were viewed as having special spiritual properties.  Records of this can be found even in the old testament when Moses is instructed to create a priestly […]

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Bling For That Inner Green Thumb


by: Kallee Hooley In the world of fashion, it’s no secret that jewelry is a must-have for any stylish outfit. Whether you be adorned in gems, metals, or stones, it’s obvious that any type of bling can add the finishing touches to any modern couture. While the fashion world is always advertising new fads, today’s […]

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Peridot – The Gift From Mother Nature

peridot necklace

by: Brooke Danielle Eppert Peridot, also known as the August birthstone, is one of the most unique creations given from Mother Nature. Tracing back to ancient times, the Peridot has a story of bringing magical powers and healing properties when presented as a gift. It is also known for encouraging positive energy when worn. Sources The […]

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