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Onyx vs Obsidian: Choose The Best Option

Whether you’re hunting for jewelry for a special occasion or even just as a gift, classics like moissanite, diamonds, and colorful gemstones like emeralds and topaz often come to mind. But what if you could score a unique and classic look with an unexpected hue?

Black onyx and obsidian are being seen more and more with fashion-forward and even luxury collections, with beautiful options for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

The renewed interest in onyx and obsidian was on display at events like Paris Couture Week in 2020. An Art Deco theme called for an update on classics with extraordinary details, stunning creativity, and unexpected colors.

From Cartier to Cindy Chao to other well-known names, designer jewelry was a throwback to the past – but also a push against convention.

At the center of that? A surprising entry was onyx, at the c

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Titanium vs Tungsten Rings And Jewelry

titanium vs tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide, which is often just called pure tungsten, and titanium are the most popular materials for contemporary jewelry, and, in particular, rings. While some people believe there aren’t many differences between the two traditional metals, there are some definite differences to consider when making your choice between tungsten and titanium. After reading this list, […]

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Palladium vs White Gold: What to Consider?

palladium vs white gold

Want to know if palladium jewelry, white gold, or silver are in style before you get engaged and plan your wedding? One way to tell: look at the trendsetters. While celebrities show off often expensive and over the top rings, it’s the royalty that makes a more lasting impact. Of all the iconic engagement rings […]

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