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Asha vs Diamond Nexus Simulant Comparison

asha-diamond simulant

If you thought diamonds were a confusing topic, since you have color and clarity to consider, you haven’t ventured into the world of diamond simulants, yet. There are mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds and simulants. The categories can be incredibly confusing, so here we’ll focus on simulants and the difference between Asha and Diamond Nexus simulants […]

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Your Guide To Colored Diamonds


Colored diamonds are becoming quite popular as they are used for a variety of jewelry types. Engagement rings are becoming a trend among new brides, too. This guide to colored diamonds will give you information about the quality and grade of colored diamonds, so you can make a great choice when it comes to buying […]

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Your Pink Diamond Buying Guide


When choosing a colored diamond, there’s much to consider from the color itself to whether it’s been treated or natural. There’s also supply and demand to consider. When it comes to pink diamonds, they’re considered one of the rarer diamonds and highly sought-after especially since they are used in engagement rings. This makes them an […]

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Your Yellow Diamond Buying Guide


While pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world, yellow diamonds are fairly common among diamonds that are colored naturally. This guide to buying yellow diamonds will help you decide the shade of yellow diamond that is best for your needs as well as whether you want one that is naturally colored […]

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Your Red Diamond Buying Guide

red diamond flower

The rarest colored diamonds in the world are red diamonds. The scarcity of these diamonds means that they’re quite expensive in an unmodified, untreated state. While some of the other diamonds like the blue or pink diamonds are considered rare as well, they have famous stones like the Hope Diamond or the Blue Moon, which […]

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Your Brown Diamond Buying Guide


The demand for colored diamonds has increased significantly in recent years. Instead of searching for colorless diamonds, people are now actively searching out beautiful colored diamonds. When celebrities set the trend for a colored diamond, the public soon follows suit. While many diamonds are expensive or rare, brown diamonds are still relatively affordable compared to […]

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The 4 C’s Of Diamond Buying


The most common thing you’ll hear when shopping for a diamond ring is the reference to the 4C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat. While other factors and terms are important, and we’ll divulge those as well, knowing the 4C’s is Diamond 101. Up until the mid-20th century, there was no standard by which to judge […]

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