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Jade vs Emerald: Which Gemstone Is the One for You?

jade vs emerald

Green is a versatile color, especially when it comes to gemstones. As a shade, green is known for calming, tranquility, and putting us in touch with nature’s force and mystery. 

A large variety of stones share this coloration. However, in this review, we’re comparing two of the finest green gems: Emerald and Jade.

Join us as we examine the makeup, history, uses, and value of these two rare and expensive gemstones. 

There are lots to cover, so let’s get started.

Main Differences Between Jade vs Emerald

The main differences between Jade vs Emerald are:

Pendant vs Necklace: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to fine jewelry, there is little more regal than a collection that comes from royalty themselves.

This spring, the heirloom jewelry of the late Patricia Knatchbull, the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (and cousin to Prince Phillip of Britain) will be sold in London. A total of 350 unique pieces will be sold, with a few signature pieces capturing public attention.

One of those pieces? A diamond pendant. While the estimated value–at under two thousand dollars– is not jaw-dropping, it’s undoubtedly a signature pendant, feature agate and diamond, and originally commissioned by Prince Albert.

But whether you’re into royal jewels or just shopping for jewelry for an event, both pendants and necklaces are beautiful ways to finish off your look.

In this article, I’ll tell you the main difference

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Best Old European Cut Diamond Ideas That You’ll Love

Best old European Cut Diamond Ideas

Weddings may look different for some time in 2021, but that isn’t just limited to unique reception spaces and changes in online wedding planning— but also opting for beautiful and surprising engagement rings with old European cut diamonds.

As one of the more surprising trends and ideas for weddings in 2021, jewelry insiders are seeing an upswing in interest in old European cuts as an alternative to the modern brilliance of lab-grown diamonds from companies like James Allen.

Eva Zuckerman, the creative director of Eva Fehren opened up to the Zoe Report about the increasing interest in what she called “non-traditional shapes and cuts,” while other insiders cited the increased versatility of personality of a unique diamond-cut like old European.

Unique cuts pl

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Your Red Diamond Buying Guide

red diamond flower

The rarest colored diamonds in the world are red diamonds. The scarcity of these diamonds means that they’re quite expensive in an unmodified, untreated state. While some of the other diamonds like the blue or pink diamonds are considered rare as well, they have famous stones like the Hope Diamond or the Blue Moon, which […]

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Ravishing Ruby

ruby wedding engagement ring

Known for their durability and beauty alike, it is not surprising that Ruby is a highly coveted gemstone for wedding and engagement rings. Ruby, the birthstone of July, is mesmerizing in appearance and stable in composure – making it an easy choice for a bride or groom that enjoys glamor but also works with their […]

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Best Art Deco Wedding Band Ideas

Almost 100 years after it first appeared, it’s fair to say that Art Deco never really went away – and we’re glad for it! Be it furniture, glassware, lamps, etc. – Art Deco originals and replicas are still much in demand. The same can be said of Art Deco jewelry and, in particular, wedding bands […]

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Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas You’re Going to Love

Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas

Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas

Image from: Tiffany and Company

From royal weddings to celebrity romances, wedding dress styles, and engagement rings, are often influenced by popular culture– and now floral style engagement rings are getting more attention, perhaps for the same reason.

Diamond and gemstone engagement rings have been prized often for their brilliance, but in 2021, couples are opting for unique designs– and that include more vintage looks. One source of inspiration may be surprising: the Netflix series Bridgerton that’s capturing hearts across the United States.

The show, set in the Regency era, and based Julia Quinn’s novels, follows a family of ar

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The Best Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Ideas Out There

The wedding industry has shifted during the pandemic – and that comes to trends as specific heart-shaped diamond rings.

As someone who’s written for the bridal industry, I was interested to see what changes might happen. The wedding industry, which is reported to be worth $73 billion, is always interesting to watch. Some of the changes, reported by the Seattle Times, are ones that are easy to predict.

For instance, several tiered cakes are being swapped in favor of more modest cakes – likely due to both changes in restrictions for social gatherings and more scaled back weddings altogether. Another trend? More and more brides are open to searching for the best places to find wedding dresses online, as opposed to in-person shopping.


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