Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom Guide

Birthstones strike the perfect balance between personalization, sentimentality, and bling—which makes them the ideal gift for a mom! Wearing her children’s birthstones around her neck is a lovely way for a mom to feel connected to her kids while at the same time showing off some extra sparkle.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, or “just because,” every mom deserves a gift that will make her feel special, so I’ve put together this best birthstone necklaces for mom guide to help you choose the best gifts for all of the moms in your life.

Bottom Line Up Front

Jewelry is personal, and everyone has different tastes, so the best birthstone necklace for the mom in your life might differ from what’s best for someone else’s mom. That being said, my favorite necklace on this list is the Gold Petite Heart Birthstone Pendant. It’s a simple, elegant design that won’t go out of style, isn’t too flashy, and will go with everything.

gold petite heart birthstone pendant fit for mom

My Picks at a Glance

Some more of my favorite birthstone necklaces at a glance are:

Shopping Tips: How to Choose a Birthstone Necklace for Mom

There are some things you should consider when choosing a birthstone necklace for a mom.

First, Whose Birthstone Will Be on the Necklace?

Often a birthstone necklace for a mom is made with her children’s birthstones, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what she’ll want. She may just want to wear her own birthstone, or she may want to wear the whole family’s birthstones together. Figure out which birthstone or stones you want to feature (and in what order, if applicable).

Note that while I chose the necklaces on this list, thinking they would be made with the children’s birthstones, they could all just as easily be customized with just the mother’s birthstone or the mother’s and children’s birthstones together.

Also, I’d like to point out that some months have more than one birthstone assigned to them. There are both “modern” and “traditional” birthstones for each month, and some birthstone jewelry will be made with cubic zirconia in a color that corresponds to the month’s natural gemstone. Cubic zirconia is a less-expensive alternative to a precious or semi-precious stone.

This can all get super confusing, so I’ve put together the chart below listing the birthstones and colors assigned to each month—that way, you won’t have to struggle to look up your siblings’ or children’s birthstones before searching for jewelry!

Birthstone Chart
Birth Month Traditional Stone Modern Stone Stone Color
January Garnet Garnet Deep Red
February Amethyst Amethyst Purple
March Bloodstone Aquamarine Light Blue/Aqua
April Diamond Diamond Clear/White
May Emerald Emerald Green
June Alexandrite Moonstone/Pearl Pale Violet
July Ruby Ruby Red
August Sardonyx Peridot Light Green
September Sapphire Sapphire Deep Blue
October Tourmaline Opal/Tourmaline Pink
November Citrine Citrine/Topaz Orange/Yellow
December Lapis Lazuli Turquoise/Blue Zircon Turquoise Blue

Next, Consider whether You’ll Want to Add More Birthstones in the Future

If you’re buying a necklace for a mom who may have more children in the future, you may consider choosing a style that will allow you to add more birthstones later (like the Heart and Birthstone Charm Necklace or Interlocking Hearts Birthstone Locket below).

Determine What Materials You Want Your Birthstone Necklace to Be Made from

Do you want sparkly, colorful cubic zirconia stones or muted natural gemstone chips? Are you looking for a piece of solid gold fine jewelry that will last a lifetime, or would you prefer something more affordable? The style you’re going for and your budget are going to be the biggest factors that determine what your necklace will be made of. Keep in mind that silver and gold-plated jewelry is more likely to tarnish and needs extra care compared with solid gold pieces.

birthstone necklace for mom

Where to Buy Birthstone Necklaces

Remember that the more birthstones you want to add to a single piece of jewelry, the more difficult it can be to find something. If you’re looking for a piece of fine jewelry with one or two birthstones, a site like Brilliant Earth is a great option. If you’re looking for a piece with multiple children’s birthstones, you’ll most likely have the best luck shopping at a place specializing in that type of custom jewelry. Eve’s Addiction is an excellent option.

Personalized Jewelry | Eve’s Addiction

For the best in personalized jewelry, look no further than Eve's Addiction. Proud to provide high quality custom jewelry in the latest trends including engraved bracelets, name necklaces, coordinate jewelry and monogram necklaces.

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Selection Criteria

This list represents the best birthstone necklaces for mom, in my opinion, but before I even considered them, they had to meet specific criteria.

  • Each necklace that I chose has the materials that it’s made from listed under the product description. That way, you can decide if you want to go for a gold-plated necklace or splurge on solid gold without worrying about any surprises.
  • All of the necklaces needed to be customizable with at least three birthstones. There are plenty of gorgeous single-birthstone necklaces in the world, but I’m operating under the assumption that mom will want a necklace made with her child/children’s birthstones. I wanted styles that would suit everyone, whether you have one or five children (though I must admit it gets tricky once you start looking for necklaces with more than five stones).
  • Every necklace had to be able to be customized and ordered online. I still love shopping in person when I can, especially at local businesses and boutiques, but I often just don’t have the time. I wanted to choose necklaces that could be designed and purchased from home.
  • Honorable mention: while not every necklace on this list has a gift wrapping option, I did try to prioritize those that did. That way, if you’re short on time, you can send the necklace directly to mom but still have it look like a special, well-thought-out gift.

The Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom

Below are my picks for the best birthstone necklaces for mom.

Gold Petite Heart Birthstone Pendant

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom gold petite heart birthstone pendant

This Gold Petite Heart Birthstone Pendant is definitely one of my favorite multi-birthstone necklaces I’ve ever seen (which is why it made it to this list). The delicate heart is so charming, and it looks more expensive than it is.

The necklace is available in silver or gold-plated silver and can be customized with up to four cubic zirconia birthstones.


  • The necklace (along with all the other necklaces from Eve’s Addiction) can be gift wrapped, shipped with a DIY wrapping kit, or shipped with a keepsake jewelry box. I absolutely love having this option. It adds a special touch and allows you to send your gift directly without having it feel like an afterthought.
  • I love that the heart and the way it hangs are a little asymmetrical. It makes the pendant look so graceful.


  • This design won’t really work with more than four birthstones, but other than that, I honestly don’t really have anything bad to say about this one. It’s a lovely necklace.

Interlocking Circle Eternity Birthstone Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom interlocking circle eternity birthstone necklace

I love that this Interlocking Circle Eternity Birthstone Necklace represents the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children, as shown by the interlocking circles—one larger (for mom) and one smaller, set with her children’s birthstones.

I love how clean and polished this necklace looks. The connections and stone settings are simple but refined—you won’t have to deal with jump rings bending open and causing your necklace to fall apart.

The necklace is available in sterling silver or gold-plated silver and can be made with one to five cubic zirconia birthstones.


  • I like that this is more than just a pretty birthstone necklace. There’s a sweet symbolism to the interlocking circles that makes this extra special.
  • I really love jewelry that allows for a little bit of movement, which is something the interlocking circles provide.


  • Although it looks like there would be plenty of room for additional stones on the smaller circle, this necklace can only be ordered with up to five birthstones.

Color Stone Family Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom color stone family necklace

This Color Stone Family Necklace is another birthstone necklace with an added element of symbolism. The pendant looks like a mother embracing and holding the birthstones in her arms, which are formed by a heart.

This one’s a little pricier than some of the other necklaces on this list, but it can be made with sterling silver or solid white or yellow gold. The birthstones are genuine and lab-created precious and semi-precious gemstones. It’s available with one to four birthstones.


  • This is well made from quality materials that will last a long time. I would consider this an heirloom piece that mom can cherish forever.
  • I love the colors of the genuine and lab-created gemstones. I also love that they use lab-created opal for October but also have an option at the end to choose a pink lab-created sapphire (in place of tourmaline)—it lets October babies choose whichever of their birthstones they prefer.
  • The piece can be engraved with up to ten characters.


  • They don’t offer any sort of gift wrapping at checkout.
  • This necklace is pricier than many of the others on this list, especially when made with 14K gold.

Heart and Birthstone Charm Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom heart and birthstone charm necklace

This Heart and Birthstone Charm Necklace is a pretty classic birthstone charm necklace, but I like that this one is a little more delicate than a lot of similar necklaces I’ve seen. The birthstone and initial charms are almost unexpectedly tiny. I think this makes the necklace both really charming and more expensive looking than it is.

I love that each child can be represented by both their initial and their birthstone. The necklace is available in silver or gold-plated silver and can be customized with up to six sets of stones.


  • This is one of the more versatile styles on this list. The charms can be added or removed if need be.
  • There are two different font options available for the initial charms (there are also different charm shapes available under different listings on the site.)


  • You can slide the charms on and off this necklace, which means you can add more initials and birthstones if your family grows; however, Eve’s Addiction doesn’t currently sell the chams separately, so you’ll have to buy a second necklace, and combine them.

Family Birthstone Halo Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom family birthstone halo necklace

The Family Birthstone Halo Necklace from Honey Willow is such a lovely keepsake. It’s got that perfect balance between fine jewelry and handmade charm. I love the tactile simplicity of the hammered sterling silver halo and the natural colors of the gemstones.

The necklace is made from sterling silver and genuine conflict-free gemstones. It’s available in two different chain lengths and customizable with two to six birthstones.


  • With proper care, this necklace could last a lifetime and become a family heirloom.
  • I love that this is a small company that was started as a family business.


  • Because each necklace is handmade by a small team, delivery can take longer than some of the other necklaces on this list.
  • This necklace is only available in silver.

Interlocking Hearts Birthstone Locket

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom interlocking hearts birthstone locket

I love the versatility of this Interlocking Hearts Birthstone Locket. The heart-shaped cage locket can hold up to five birthstones and is available in silver, gold-plated silver, or rose gold-plated silver.

It’s an interesting take on both a locket and a birthstone necklace, and it looks like a piece of wearable art. If you slide the locket off the chain, you can open it up, which means you can add your own stones or keepsakes to this as well.


  • I love that there are three different metal options for this one.
  • I think this is one of the most versatile necklaces on this list—you can even replace the included stones with other stones of your choice or a sentimental note. It’s easy to slide the locket off the chain to open it, but you won’t have to worry about it opening while it’s being worn.


  • Although you can open the locket and remove or replace the stones inside, as of now, Eve’s Addiction doesn’t appear to sell loose stones. I’m also not sure more than five of this size birthstone would fit in this design.

Peas in a Pod Birthstone Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom peas in a pod birthstone necklace

I think that this Peas in a Pod Birthstone Necklace from Eve’s Addiction is absolutely adorable. It’s made with up to six birthstones nestled vertically into a silver or gold pea pod. It’s such a charming way to display all of your children’s birthstones in age order.

I like that this necklace is a little unique, but the focus is still on the stones themselves. It’s perfect for anyone looking for something a little quirky without going too far outside the box. I think this one would also make a lovely gift for a grandparent.


  • I love that the pea pod is sculptural but still delicate.


  • Although this necklace is available with just one birthstone, I would probably only purchase this one to showcase two or more stones. I think the “peas in a pod” angle is much more effective with multiple stones.
  • This design might be a little too cutesy for some people. It’s always best to think about your recipient’s taste before purchasing jewelry as a gift.

Mixed Birthstone Chip Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom mixed birthstone chip necklace

I think this Custom Mixed Birthstone Necklace is such a lovely and unique take on a birthstone necklace. The glass window can be filled with a confetti of gemstone chips representing one to four different birthstones.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a traditional piece of birthstone jewelry, which I think will make it more personal for some people. It looks like a beautiful, colorful pendant, but mom will know that each of the stones represents one of her loved ones.


  • The necklace is made by an independent artist and sold through Uncommon Goods. I always like to support smaller artists and companies when I can. I actually know some people whose jewelry designs have been sold through this site, and they were treated well.
  • I tend to prefer genuine gemstones over cubic zirconia for birthstone jewelry, as cubic zirconia is a little too brightly colored for my taste, so the natural-looking stones are a pro for me, but they may not be for you.


  • This is definitely a necklace that needs to be treated with care. The website warns against getting the piece wet—I would imagine that water can probably get trapped between the glass if the pendant is submerged in water. This might be more of a special occasion necklace than an everyday piece of jewelry.
  • This is made with silver or gold-plated brass. Since you need to be careful with the necklace anyway, it probably won’t make too much of a difference, but if I’m going to buy plated jewelry, I prefer the more durable plated silver.
  • The necklace can be shipped with a gift message but can’t be gift wrapped.

One for You, One for Me Birthstone Pendant Set

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom one for you, one for me birthstone pendant set

This set contains necklaces for the whole family! The One For You, One For Me Birthstone Pendant Set consists of a round pendant with two or three heart cut-outs set with birthstones for mom, and smaller heart-shaped initial necklaces for each of the children. I love the sentiment behind the children’s necklaces appearing to be cut from the mother’s.

The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver with cubic zirconia birthstones.


  • You get three or four necklaces in one with this set!
  • I love that this set is a way for the whole family to connect.


  • This necklace is only available in silver.

Mother Daughter 3 Child One For You, One For Me Birthstone Pendant Set | Eve’s Addiction

This Mother Daughter 3 Child One For You, One For Me Birthstone Pendant Set is the perfect family necklace set to share with a mom and her three children.

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Gemstone Cascading “XO” Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom gemstone cascading xo necklace

I think this Gemstone Cascading “XO” Necklace is a lovely option if you’re looking for fine jewelry for mom that incorporates her children’s birthstones. It’s another one of the pricier options on this list, but it’s made to last with solid gold and real gemstones.

I like the subtle “Xs and Os” design of this piece. It’s a cute nod to kisses and hugs, but it’s executed in a way that it just looks like a stylish rope design.

This necklace is available in sterling silver or 10K, 14K, or 18K white, rose, or yellow gold. It can be made with one to seven birthstones.


  • This necklace looks more like fine jewelry than some of the others on this list.
  • Of all the necklaces on this list, this offers the most options for metal types/colors.
  • The design isn’t compromised no matter how many birthstones you select—it looks equally lovely with one or seven stones.


  • There’s no option to select gift wrapping at checkout.
  • This is one of the most expensive necklaces on this list.

Angel Wing Necklace

Best Birthstone Necklaces for Mom angel wing necklace

Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for some people, especially those who have lost a child. This Angel Wing Initial Birthstone Charm Necklace is a lovely way for a mother to honor her angel baby and keep them close to her heart. I love that this necklace includes those who may sometimes feel forgotten when other mothers are being celebrated.

This sterling silver necklace features a delicate angel wing charm alongside customizable initial and birthstone charms. You can choose from two different fonts for the initial.


  • This necklace could be worn to honor any loved one that has passed.
  • This isn’t exclusively for people who have lost a loved one. Anyone can wear it.


  • The necklace is only available in silver.
  • I don’t love the script font for this necklace. It looks too much like cutesy handwriting. I think a more traditional script font would be more appropriate for this.


Question: What stones go in a mother’s necklace?

Answer: Often, a mother’s necklace will be set with her children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones, with one stone representing each child.

Question: Do you put the mother’s birthstone in a mother’s necklace?

Answer: Traditionally, you would only include the children’s birthstones in a mother’s necklace, but some people might prefer to include the mother’s or even both parents’ birthstones. It’s your necklace—you should feel free to design it however you want!

Question: Why do some months have multiple birthstones?

Answer: Some months’ birthstones have varied throughout history and among different cultures, which is why certain months have two or more stones associated with them. Often, if a “modern” stone is assigned to a month, it is because that stone is more available and/or more durable than the traditional stone.

Final Thoughts

A birthstone necklace is the perfect personal gift that will bring a little bling into a mom’s life. I know plenty of mothers who would be thrilled to receive a necklace displaying all of their children’s birthstones, and while the Gold Petite Heart Birthstone Pendant is my favorite from this list, every mom is different and may prefer a different necklace. You can’t go wrong with any of these, especially if they’re given with love.

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