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What Is Feldspar Used For In Jewelry?


Whether or not you know it, you’ve come across Feldspar hundreds of times in your life. Feldspar itself isn’t even a gemstone – it’s an alumina and silica inclusive mineral and holds the title of being the earth’s most abundant mineral! In fact, this mineral makes up approximately 60% of the rocks you see on […]

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Quartz Metaphysical Qualities And Properties


Throughout the course of history, psychics and crystal healers have used quartz minerals for for their many metaphysical qualities. Due to the versatility of the mineral itself, the metaphysical reach that Quartz has is vast and varies from stone to stone. If you are interested in learning about the metaphysical properties of this beautiful and […]

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About Beryl Gemstones – Types, Meaning, Benefits


If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your wedding or engagement ring, you’ve probably already considered some sort of gemstone as an alternative to the commonly utilized diamonds. The possibilities that come with a gemstone addition are essentially endless and the decision could be a stressful one. Beryl is an astonishingly resilient mineral […]

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What Are The Different Types Of Quartz Gems? Part 3, Microcrystalline Quartz


Hi, and welcome to Part 3 of our 3-part series on the fascinating mineral known as Quartz, where we discuss Microcrystalline Quartz. In Part 1 of our exploration of the different types of quartz gem, we talked about several different types of quartz, including macrocrystalline varieties such as amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, eisenkiesel, milky […]

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What Are The Different Types Of Quartz Gems? Part 2, Prase – Herkimer Diamond


In Part 1 of our exploration of the different types of quartz gem, we talked about several different types of quartz, including macrocrystalline varieties such as amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, eisenkiesel, milky quartz, and pink quartz. This time around, we’re looking at the following types of quartz: prase, prasiolite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, […]

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Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas That Are a Real Hit This Year

Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas

Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas

No matter if you’re following the Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry feud between the Royal Family and the British tabloids, the couple is ever-present in the news. Now that includes a signature gemstone and diamond cocktail ring, sure to provide ideas for jewelry for special occasions or even a unique take on engagement rings.

Meghan Markle, who often uses fashion to make social and political statements, aired with Prince Harry on Spotify, wowing in a playful Oscar de la Renta peplum hem dress with large print citrus fruit. While most eyes may have been initially of this plucky dress, what is now capturing attention is the cocktail ring she wore–not only for its style but also for its symbolism.

The pink sapphire cocktail ring features an ethically sourced center stone with accent diamonds,

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Best Salt and Pepper Diamond Ideas Every Bride Needs to Know Of

best salt and pepper diamond ideas

As someone who’s written for the bridal industry for years, I know just how much trends can change– from buying wedding dresses online, to more recent moves towards diamond engagement ring alternatives.

But for 2021, one of the most interesting trends calls for a reversal of the obsession with a clear diamond: couples are opting for salt and pepper diamond rings.

Salt and pepper diamond join many surprising 2021 engagement rings trends, including rings with mixed textures and colors, asymmetrical rings, a move towards color with green, teal, and blue sapphire rings, geometric shapes with baguette cuts, and chunky modern looks. There’s even a move toward three stone engagement rings, which industry experts think may be linked to Meagan Markle’s engagement ring.

Of all these trends, th

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Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas You’re Going to Love

Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas

Best Floral Style Engagement Ring Ideas

Image from: Tiffany and Company

From royal weddings to celebrity romances, wedding dress styles, and engagement rings, are often influenced by popular culture– and now floral style engagement rings are getting more attention, perhaps for the same reason.

Diamond and gemstone engagement rings have been prized often for their brilliance, but in 2021, couples are opting for unique designs– and that include more vintage looks. One source of inspiration may be surprising: the Netflix series Bridgerton that’s capturing hearts across the United States.

The show, set in the Regency era, and based Julia Quinn’s novels, follows a family of ar

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Best Old European Cut Diamond Ideas That You’ll Love

Best old European Cut Diamond Ideas

Weddings may look different for some time in 2021, but that isn’t just limited to unique reception spaces and changes in online wedding planning— but also opting for beautiful and surprising engagement rings with old European cut diamonds.

As one of the more surprising trends and ideas for weddings in 2021, jewelry insiders are seeing an upswing in interest in old European cuts as an alternative to the modern brilliance of lab-grown diamonds from companies like James Allen.

Eva Zuckerman, the creative director of Eva Fehren opened up to the Zoe Report about the increasing interest in what she called “non-traditional shapes and cuts,” while other insiders cited the increased versatility of personality of a unique diamond-cut like old European.

Unique cuts pl

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