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Platinum Facts And Information

platinum facts and info

by: Josh Swain Platinum is one of Earth’s rarest metals, and is highly valued among many jewelry and gemology connoisseurs. Here are a few things that you might like to know before making a purchase. Platinum Definition Platinum comes from the Spanish “platina”, or “little silver” it is an incredibly non-reactive metal, meaning that it […]

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Maker Spotlight – Komo Koa

The Wide Koa Wood Inlay Ring

In our Maker Spotlight this week, we’ll be talking about Komo Koa. They’re the makers of fine Hawaiian wood jewelry. We love all things Hawaiian here, so when we started covering koa wood jewelry, it was inevitable that we’d jump into the realm of all things Hawaiian and koa from rings to watches, pendants to […]

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Koa Wood Jewelry Care

koa wood ring care

Rings made from koa wood need meticulous care because, while they’re durable rings, they’re organic materials that can be impacted negatively by the environment. While some rings made from metals can be worn daily and beat with a stick, koa wood rings require special care. They can still be worn on a daily basis, but […]

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