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7 Stunning Moissanite Engagement Ring Ideas

You’ve probably heard to rules: save up two months of your salary to buy a diamond ring. But more and more couples are bucking both trends and buying alternatives like moissanite engagement rings. 

Non-traditional engagement rings are here to stay, according to a December 2021 CNN report. Sapphires, pearls, rubies, and moissanite are among the most popular diamond alternatives. You need only look at the ever-expanding options for non-diamond rings from jewelers. While diamond rings remain the most popular, that popularity is loosening.

The reason? There are several. For one, many couples are looking to save money, opting to spend less on engagement rings and more on necessities like down payments on homes or paying off students loans. The two months’ salary advice is being seen for what it’s always been: arbitrary guidance fueled by the jewelry industry. Others want to reduce their environmental impact. 

There’s also the desire to find something unique. Diamond engagement rings are timeless, but they’re also traditional. Diamond alternatives offer a chance to stand out, and jewelers are taking note by offering more ways to build your ring.

Moissanite Engagement Rings – The Solution!

But moissanite is a unique option. Unlike colored gemstones, it’s not being selected to stand out. So why is moissanite becoming more popular, and it is the best engagement ring idea for you?

In this guide, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying a moissanite engagement ring. I’ll share my insights for finding the highest quality moissanite, plus where to buy stunning moissanite engagement rings in all styles. 

What is moissanite? 

Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite is naturally found on Earth. It was originally discovered near a meteor crater in 1893 and was mistaken for a diamond. Nearly a decade later, more naturally occurring moissanite was discovered. To this day, moissanite can be found in some states, mostly Arizona, as well as Israel. 

Is moissanite natural or lab-created?

While it’s true that moissanite is natural, the moissanite being sold by jewelers is almost all lab-grown. Lab-grown is different than lab-created. Typically, lab-created refers to a stimulant, like cubic zirconia, that is not as valuable or durable. Lab-grown means that the stone has the same physical properties as a natural stone. While lab-grown moissanite isn’t as valuable as naturally occurring moissanite, it’s as durable and beautiful. 

Are lab-grown diamonds the same as moissanite?

That said, moissanite isn’t the same as a lab-grown diamond, nor should it be considered a fake diamond. Moissanite is its stone, with pros and cons. It is often used as an alternative to lab-grown diamonds, but it’s important to understand the differences between the two. 

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite simply isn’t the same as a diamond. While cheaper, moissanite is not as valuable, nor can it be fully passed off as a diamond. Moissanite also ranks lower on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that it’s easier to scratch. 

Is moissanite rarer than diamond?

Natural moissanite is indeed rarer than diamonds. However, this merely translates to less choice. Diamonds can easily be purchased, both lab-grown and natural, by many jewelers. Natural moissanite is quite rare, and specialty jewelers usually sell even lab-grown. 

Is moissanite more ethical than diamonds?

Moissanite is on the same ethical level as lab-grown diamonds. The concern with natural diamonds is that some have been mined to support unfair labor practices– and even civil wars. However, since there are natural diamonds that have higher standards and also lab-grown diamonds, moissanite is not inherently more ethical. 

Can the average person tell the difference between moissanite and diamond?

There’s also the difference in appearance. Moissanite, like diamonds, is white at its highest quality. That said, the brilliance of moissanite is different from diamonds, and becomes more noticeable the larger the carat. Diamonds emit beautiful white light. Moissanite features rainbow-colored light. 

Are moissanite and cubic zirconia the same stone?

Moissanite Engagement Ring

One mistake I see many people make is assuming that cubic zirconia and moissanite are the same stone. While this mistake is understandable, you’ll notice a difference even while you’re shopping. Overall, moissanite is a much better choice than cubic zirconia for an engagement ring for a few reasons. You’ll end up spending more initially, but you’ll be happier with your moissanite purchase. 

Is moissanite harder than CZ?

The first advantage is that moissanite is harder than cubic zirconia. Moissanite ranks at a 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness. By comparison, cubic zirconia is rated at an 8 out of 10. This means that cubic zirconia is easier to scratch with everyday wear. Moissanite is almost more durable against abrasion and environmental hazards. 

Does moissanite sparkle more than cubic zirconia?

I also much prefer the brilliance of moissanite vs cubic zirconia. The refractive rate measures the level of light’s brilliance with the stone. Moissanite is 58 percent more brilliant than cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia appears dull in comparison. 

What are the pros and cons of a moissanite engagement ring?

Moissanite Engagement Ring

While it’s clear that moissanite is usually a better choice than cubic zirconia, what’s less clear is the choice between moissanite and a lab-grown diamond. It’s understandable to have doubts about buying a moissanite ring. Moissanite can make a beautiful choice for an engagement ring, but there are downsides to moissanite as well. 

Why is moissanite so popular?

Moissanite is not nearly as popular as diamonds, but there is a reason behind that popularity. It provides excellent sparkle and is the closest alternative to a diamond you can get. Some may see moissanite as expensive, but moissanite is cheap compared to a diamond. When properly cared for, moissanite will never lose its sparkle. 

Does moissanite sparkle rainbow?

At the same time, moissanite does sparkle rainbow. I find this sparkle unique and beautiful in its own right. At the same time, I wouldn’t recommend a moissanite engagement ring for someone who wants something that looks exactly like a diamond. If you buy a moissanite engagement ring under a carat, it may not be that noticeable to you. However, there’s no doubt that the sparkle of a moissanite ring is different from the sparkle of a diamond. It’s more brilliant as well. Moissanite has double refraction compared with the single refraction of a diamond. 

Does moissanite cloud over time?

Moissanite will keep well, but you may notice a cloudy appearance. This occurs due to build-up. Build-up can be from lotions, makeup, and soaps. To avoid this, I recommend cleaning your ring regularly and getting it professionally cleaned about twice a year. The good news is that moissanite shouldn’t remain cloudy if you take proper care of it. 

Is moissanite waterproof?

Moissanite isn’t waterproof. Simply getting it wet now and then won’t harm the stone, but other elements in your average tap water can impact its beauty. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is wearing engagement rings in the shower. The biggest culprit is not the water itself but the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. These can cause build-up. I recommend keeping moissanite dry as possible and drying it off when it does get wet. 

Can moissanite chip?

Moissanite can chip. Moissanite is more likely to chip than a diamond but still quite durable. It would take a strong, direct impact. It may be wise to remove a moissanite ring for professions like construction or during contact sports. 

Does moissanite have resale value?

One other downside you may want to consider is resale value, if that’s important to you. Moissanite should not be seen as an investment. While worth something, you won’t get a great return on it. 

Why you should get a moissanite engagement ring?

So I’ll leave you with this: you should get a moissanite ring if the pros outweigh the cons for you. A moissanite engagement ring can be worn every day, is quite durable, and comes with a far lower price tag than diamonds. At the same time, a moissanite ring is an alternative– not an exact replacement for a diamond ring, 

How do you find the best moissanite engagement rings? 

Moissanite Engagement Ring - where to find

Want a moissanite engagement ring that will last? It’s important to shop with some criteria in mind. Not all lab-grown moissanite is the same– and there are even some fakes out there. To make sure you get the best ideas for your engagement ring, here’s what I look for. 

How can you tell fake moissanite?

Fake moissanite is typically cubic zirconia. What you don’t want to do is shop for a moissanite engagement ring and end up with a moissanite engagement ring. If the price is very cheap, that’s one sign. If the listing says “man-made” or “lab-created” instead of “lab-grown,” then that’s another red flag. If you’re shopping in person, you’ll notice a duller, single refraction rate. A final test would be after you bought the ring. If the stone scratches easily, it’s surely a fake. 

Which moissanite cut sparkles the most?

Cut impacts not only the surface level appearance of your stone, but also how it reacts with light. A round brilliant cut is my number one choice if you love sparkle. A round cut will also have the closest appearance to a diamond. Other excellent cuts include round, marquise, oval, cushion, and princess cuts. An Asscher cut and pear cut both add a vintage-inspired touch but they won’t sparkle as brilliantly. Another good thing is to look for is an ideal cut, which is optimized to enhance sparkle. 

What size moissanite should I get?

Carat size, in my opinion, should be the lowest on your priority list. It’s better to buy high-quality moissanite with a lower carat weight vs a low-quality moissanite stone with a larger carat. Keep in mind that the greater the size, the more noticeable the differences in sparkle vs a diamond will be. I recommend opting for a stone that’s smaller than one carat. A ¼ to a ½ carat is a great size, though even smaller can be refined as well. 

How can you tell good quality moissanite?

The quality of moissanite comes down to two main factors: color and clarity. While the cut is also a factor, it’s the color and clarity that you should spend the most money on. 

What colors does moissanite come in?

You can buy colored moissanite, but clear moissanite is the most valuable. D, E, and F is colorless, followed by G, H, and I, which are nearly colorless. I would recommend a color raring of no wore than F is possible. 

What is the clarity of moissanite?

Clarity refers to the inclusions or defects. The more inclusions, the lower the clarity and the lower the level of brilliance. You should look for moissanite that has the clarity level of very slightly included. This is about the equivalent for a diamond and features inclusions that can only be seen under 10 times magnification. 

What is a Forever One moissanite?

Forever One moissanite is sold by Charles and Colvard. Charles and Colvard is an excellent company with a history of customer service and refined quality. Forever One is a high grade of moissanite. It consists of both colorless and nearly colorless moissanite, with exceptional clarity of Flawless to Very Slightly Included. 

Which is better: Forever One vs Forever Brilliant Moissanite?

There is a notable difference between Forever One and Forever Brilliant. While both are noted for their level of clarity, brilliance, and price cuts, there are differences in both the cut and the color. Forever One has an excellent cut and is colorless. Forever Brilliant has a super ideal cut but is nearly colorless. Both are great options, but I prefer Forever One. 

What kind of metal is best for an engagement ring?

Avoid sterling silver and base metals like copper. Both of these tarnish easily and won’t be lasting enough for daily wear. For moissanite engagement rings, your most likely options will be between gold and platinum. Platinum is quite expensive but also harder and more durable. For gold, aim for 18K gold or 14K gold. 10K gold is dull and not very valuable. Higher quality gold is soft and more prone to scratches with everyday wear. Avoid anything that has gold plating, as the plating will not last for an engagement ring. 

Beautiful Moissanite Engagement Rings: My Ideas

All of my ideas were selected using strict criteria. These rings feature colorless moissanite stones with precision cuts to optimize brilliance. Further, these moissanite stones are flawless or very slightly included to ensure gorgeous sparkle. The rings are created with 14K gold or 18K go. All are offered at a fair price and are beautifully crafted. You’ll find modern, classic, and vintage-inspired ring ideas to get you inspired. I’ve stuck to carat sizes of 1 and under since these are often the most preferred. However, I’ll include some engagement rings with larger carat weights under my final buying recommendations. 

0.85 Carat Moissanite Vertical Art Deco Style Ring 

This Art Deco-style ring is exquisite. Stand out from the crowd with this elaborate moissanite engagement ring. Round brilliant stones are arranged in a vertical design. The accompanying band sparkles just as much. It’s a gorgeous, dazzling effect in the sunlight. I love the miligrain detailing too. Buy Here.


  •  Unique Art Deco Design 
  • Gorgeous Detailing
  • Round Brilliant Moissanite


  • Only in Rose Gold
  • May Too Clunky For Some For Everyday Wear 

1.00 Carat Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring 

This classic engagement ring could work for just about anyone. The design is simple and sophisticated, with four prongs securing a round brilliant center stone. The band is sleek, polished, and refined. This ring is available in White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold. Buy at the links provided. 

Moissanite Engagement Ring


  • Classic Design 
  • Available in White, Yellow, and Rose Gold
  • Round Brilliant Stone


  • Not Unique 
  • Fairly Plain 

0.88 Carat Emerald Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring 

Emerald moissanite won’t sparkle as much as a brilliant round cut– but it’s a beautiful option. Some may prefer the subdued but still brilliant sparkle of the center stone, flanked by round side accents. Light disperses uniquely, with a touch of modern and vintage. This ring is available in white gold. Buy Here


  • Unique Design
  • Innovative Light Dispersion
  • Blend of Modern and Vintage 


  • Only Available in White Gold
  • Center Stone Not As Brilliant

0.63 Carat Round Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring

This gorgeous rose gold ring is detailed, but not overwhelming. A center round brilliant stone is set off a tapered shank. Side accents adorn with sparkle along with the band. The solitaire style is classic, while the contours and accent stones elevate it with modern allure. Buy Here


  • Classic With Modern Updates
  • Unique Shank
  • Sparkling Side Accents


  • Only Available in Rose Gold 
  • Asymmetrical Design May Not Be For Everyone 

0.90 Carat Oval Moissanite Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

Bezel set means that the center stone is framed by a thin metal rim. The effect is a sleeker, more modern take vs a prong setting. Here, an oval center moissanite stone is set on sleek white gold. It’s a modern but timeless design. Buy Here


  • Modern Bezel Setting
  • Sparkling Oval Center Stone 
  • Versatile 


  • Only in White Gold
  • Fairly Plain

0.98 Carat Radiant Moissanite Halo with Side Accents Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a glamorous ring, look no further. This moissanite engagement ring features a halo design with side accents. Halo rings are meant to provide the illusion of sparkle all over, and this ring doesn’t hold back. It’s dazzling, elaborate, and sure to make an impression. This style is available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. Buy at links provided. 


  • Glamorous
  • Optimized Sparkle
  • Your Choice of White Gold, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold 


  • Difficult to Stack
  • May Overwhelm Some 

1.00 Carat Marquise Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

My final favorite moissanite engagement ring idea is this splendid marquise design. This timeless, vintage-inspired ring dazzles with elegant beauty. A marquise center moissanite stone is secured with six prongs. This ring is available in Yellow Gold and Two-Tone White Gold. Buy at the links provided. 


  • Marquise Design is Unique
  • Simple Elegance
  • Available in White Gold and Yellow Gold


  • Not as Brilliant
  • Fairly Plain

FAQs about Moissanite Engagement Rings

Question: Is Swarovski moissanite?

Answer: Swarvoski crystals are made out of lead glass with precise cuts. These crystals are entirely mand made and less valuable than even lab-grown moissanite. Swarovski crystals are also quite fragile, while moissanite has is only less hard than diamonds. 

Question: Is the moissanite on Amazon real?

Answer: While there is genuine moissanite on Amazon, it isn’t all real. It may be tempting to buy moissanite on Amazon for a great deal, but it’s not usually the top quality. Even some of the best sellers on Etsy offer a better deal, but you have to inspect every listing. There should be information about the grade of moissanite. 

Question: Are moissanite rings tacky?

Answer: Moissanite rings aren’t tacky, in my opinion. However, it depends on what you expect from them. Those who declare moissanite to be tacky are likely focusing on the rainbow sparkle that’s different from diamond’s white sparkle. Many prefer to buy a smaller carat of moissanite. But moissanite is not costume jewelry but fine jewelry. 

Question: Can you put moissanite in a sonic cleaner?

Answer: Moissanite is considered a durable and tough stone. As such, many jewelers use devices like sonic cleaners to remove build-up. However, I recommend using water and just a pinch of mild soap for everyday care. Make sure to rinse completely. Sonic cleaners should be reserved for deeper cleaning every once in a while, and you need to be careful. While moissanite may withstand a sonic cleaner, not all metals will. 

Question: Do pawn shops buy moissanite?

Pawnshops sometimes buy moissanite, but don’t expect a great price. Moissanite tends to have a relatively low resale value. 

Question: Does chlorine ruin moissanite?

Answer: While chlorine won’t immediately ruin moissanite, it’s not smart to swim with it. Over time, chlorine can cause accumulation and lead to a duller appearance. 

Question: How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Answer: How much you spend on an engagement ring shouldn’t be dictated by an arbitrary rule. You might have heard of the two-month salary rule. The truth is that rule isn’t going to be affordable or reasonable for many people. Instead, I recommend making an itemized budget for all anticipated expenses. Set a price of the absolute maximum you can afford. Make sure you don’t buy anything above this price point. Spending more doesn’t mean you’re necessarily getting a ‘better ring.’ Buy something that will keep you financially comfortable, but that your partner will love. 

Moissanite Engagement Rings – Final Thoughts

Moissanite engagement rings are not for everyone. Nevertheless, moissanite is a durable alternative to a diamond. Make sure you only buy from a seller who is transparent about the quality (color, cut, clarity) of their moissanite rings.

Final Buying Recommendations: Stunning Moissanite Engagement Rings Over 1 Carat

My top recommendations are for moissanite engagement rings that are under 1 carat. The reason for this is that the greater the carat weight, the more noticeable the sparkle will be vs a diamond. However, some people love the rainbow sparkle and are looking for a generous carat size. At the link below, you’ll find high-quality, Forever One moissanite engagement rings that can be purchased at 1 carat and above. All of these rings are crafted with care and beautiful details. Shop All 1 Carat and Above Rings Here

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