Best Cathedral Moissanite Ring Ideas

Looking at rings seems simple enough, but there are many styles of rings that you may not know about until you start shopping around to make your first purchase. Personally, I love the appearance of cathedral rings. I think they’re so unique and breathtaking! When I was shopping around for a cathedral moissanite ring for myself, I struggled to find inspiration for rings I genuinely liked.

So, I decided to list the best cathedral moissanite rings to inspire you. Let me show you some lovely Cathedral style rings to get ideas on what you love and want to purchase!

What does Cathedral Mean?

Cathedral is the style of ring that incorporates sloping sidebars that end at the sides of the center solitaire. Each side of the band ends at the girdle (or middle part) of the stone and is the top choice for those who prefer a more decorated engagement ring. This style is one of two options for most engagement rings; the floating stone look is the other. 

The floating look can be the most streamlined setting. However, it can also be a style that catches a lot on clothing and other items when you are moving about. Cathedral style has the additional metal to keep the center stone from grabbing items as you move your hand by them.

I have worn an engagement ring for many years, and my band as a cathedral caught less than the current floating ring I wear now. 

Any concerns about a cathedral-style ring being taller than a floating ring can be dispelled. Both styles are about the same height, although with the floating-style, the prongs can be shortened in design to create a low-profile style ring. 

Bottom Line Upfront

We all have different ideas for what we want regarding our jewelry, especially for something so special as an engagement ring. This beautiful Moissanite Cushion Outline Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring is my first recommendation.

With the lower profile and halo, this ring is beautiful and perfect for daily wear. My second recommendation is Tall Cathedral Princess Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring; it is wonderfully priced and has a gorgeous Princess cut solitaire and attached Cathedral sides. 

Tips for Finding a Moissanite Cathedral Ring 

Cathedral-style sides mean that two parts of the ring slope upward to meet the middle and sides of the center stone coming from the band. You want to make sure that there is an open space between the shoulder of the band and the cathedral sides so that the ring is easier to clean. Those spaces can quickly become filled with dirt, so it’s good to have that space. 

Heavy prongs are a good detail that you should also look for. When your rings have heavy prongs, it’ll keep the center stone protected. This is very important because it will help avoid stone loss. Light, thin prongs can easily bend, and most rings having four prongs to hold your stone in. When one bends, it can cause the stone on your ring to fall out.

Selection Criteria

I am showing my picks for some gorgeous cathedral-style Moissanite rings. My criteria for selection is based on price, style, and unique features

Price- Prices for Moissanite should be well under the usual cost of diamonds. However, the pricing is usually more expensive when a setting is in Gold instead of Silver. 

Style- Style is subjective to each individual, but I am enamored with beautiful rings with multiple gemstones that sparkle and shine. 

Unique features– I also love to see details that may not be obvious at first glance or are more intricate. Personalizing rings with small details makes the meaning of the ring so much more special and meaningful. 

Best Cathedral Moissanite Ring Ideas

Cushion Cut Channel Set Moissanite Engagement Ring

Cushion-cut solitaires are one of the best shapes of center stones, and this additional princess highlights these squared stones set in a channel setting along the cathedral sides. This ring is available in 14k solid rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and 950 platinum metals.

This stunning cushion cut has between 58 to 64 facets, as a Round Cut has 58 facets, so a cushion cut has the potential to have even more sparkle than a round gemstone. The shining setting gives plenty of reflected light as it accents both the one-carat center stone and the over one and a quarter carats of accent stones.

This ring has a lot of carats for well under two thousand dollars. I like how the cathedral sides end a little before getting close to the stone so that light is still allowed in the side of the center stone. The princess cut side stones are an unusual feature; most accent stones are round. By being squared off, less sparkle is lost to prongs holding the stones in place. 

Oval Forever One Moissanite Cathedral Halo Engagement Ring

The beautiful center oval Moissanite is lovely paired with the halo of larger accent stones. The halo is centered between the basket of the head and the solitaire, raising the head of the ring to stand tall on your finger. This ring is available in solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

I love how the cathedral shoulders come to the middle of the ring head and attach, giving extra sturdiness to the ring. Each round accent stone is seated with four prongs holding them well into the setting. Add to that the amazing price of under two thousand dollars for over two and a half carats, this ring is a great deal. 

Moissanite Round Cut Cross Prong Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Bridal Set

The prongs that hold the center Moissanite pull up from the band in a criss-cross fashion to join into the prongs that hold the center stone. You can choose from solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum for the metal used to create this ring.  This fashioning of the prongs makes for a gallery that is unusually open around the bottom parts of the stone. 

This creates the space for a lot of light to enter the bottom of the stone and reflect out from the top of the stone, which would show the stone with additional light and sparkle. Five large accent stones are cradled in a channel on each of the cathedral sides.

This is actually a wedding set, and the unbelievable price of just over $1500 is really incredible. The wedding band has an unusual shape with a rounded point at the top and has five descending sized additional Moissanite set into it. I do not think that this set will nestle together when worn if you are looking for a set that interconnects. 

Moissanite Cushion Outline Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

This beautiful halo-style cathedral ring has cathedral sides that meet the bottom of the center stones halo. This adds a lot of strength to the setting, especially to the head of the ring where the center stone rests.

Plus, the strong metal options (including 14k and 18k solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum) add to the strength of this With the solitaire surrounded by a halo, the ring is well coordinated with the cathedral sides having an additional eight stones down the shoulder of the ring. ring.

The height of this ring is a bit on the lower side, less raised, so that basket that holds the center stone isn’t as open to the light and may have a darker result on the Moissanite center sring. The Round cut for the center stone gives off plenty of beautiful sparkle that is accented with all the accent Moissanite stones.

Forever One Moissanite Floral Band Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Beautifully detailed, eccentric styling, and two pretty little side halos accent this gorgeous engagement ring. Milgrain details along the underneath of the shoulders of this ring, leading up to a side stone accent that is haloed with additional milgrain work.

Two beautifully carved cathedral sides reach up with openwork to hold the center solitaire delicately and touch the two half halos that sit on the side of the solitaire. A little over one-carat total weight, a small side stone accents the front of the band as well. Pretty ring, and unusually made for an engagement ring.

Auriya 14k Gold 1 1/2ct Moissanite and 1/8ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage-styled, this ring features engraved and Moissanite accented Cathedral sides. Two wrap-around bands holding accent stones is seated next to the solitaire. The two sidebands loop to meet at a center accent diamond on the side of the ring. Note that these side accent stones are usually only on one side of the band so that your wedding ring will not be scratched when worn together.

Diamonds are a great accent to Moissanite and are a great addition to a large Moissanite solitaire. The center stone is over one and a half carats and the one thousand three hundred dollar pricing is very good with 14K gold, diamond accents, and a good quality Moissanite stone. 

Princess Cut Cathedral Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

The pave side accent stones are set with prongs allowing the stone sides to show out from on the band sides. This allows more light to enter the stones from the sides of the stone making them more brilliant. Although the center stone is a Princess cut, it is still very sparkling and Princess cut is the second most popular shape for engagement ring cuts.

Plus, the metals you can choose from (14K and 18K solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum) would also make this a great choice for an engagement ring. The price on this ring is a really good price, just over $1000 for one and a half carats of Moissanite in a 14K White Gold setting. The only negative to the open side stone accents is that they could bear the brunt of wear and tear on a daily worn item. 

Tall Cathedral Princess Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Solidly thick prongs that are anchored with the Cathedral sides and openly spaced accent stones are the best parts of this ring. The side accent stones are spaced apart, with the prongs holding them in, also adding shine as they separate each stone. The additional spacing allows the ring to look as though there is more carat weight than the one and quarter carats of Moissanite that it features. In addition, this ring comes with the option to choose between 14K and 18K solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

The Cathedral sides reach up to the sides of the gemstone and are bezeled to give support to the center stone as well as to not be squared off and potentially scratched when the ring bumps against anything. This ring is so pretty and sparkly; it really shows off the best of the Cathedral sides. 

14k White Gold Moissanite by Charles & Colvard Round Cathedral Engagement Ring

This ring is a great option for someone who’s looking for a simple ring. The cathedral shoulders are on the smaller side but do include two strips of accent stones that angle in towards the center point of the ring. From the top, they look like two accent beads that angle into the ring.

From the side, the pavé stones are angled into a continuous drape that is underneath the stone. At the point of the head, there is also a small accent center stone that is a secret little pretty that just adds to the small details of this ring. The smooth band is lovely, adding shine as well to the ring. The best part, of course, is the over one-carat center Moissanite being accented by sweet little diamonds!


Question: What do you Call the Claw on a Ring?

Answer: The prongs of the ring hold the gemstones in place. The two most common types of prongs are eagle and round. Eagle prongs are more pointed toward the tip of the prong, and round prongs, as the name suggests are rounded at the top. The prong is there to hold the gemstone in place on the ring and is fixed to the band. 

Question: Is a Cathedral Setting on a Ring Better?

Answer: Cathedral settings elevate the center gemstone, making the stone look larger in the setting. As it is elevated so well, it also allows additional light to enter the gemstone and create a visually more brilliant stone. As this additional light enters the stone, it also reduces the visibility of inclusions in the stone. 

Question: What is the Part of a Ring that Holds the Stone Called?

Answer: The ring holds the gemstone with the part called the Head. There are several types of prongs that can hold the gem in place on the head, but the part that sits up from the band as a whole is called the head. It can sometimes be called the crown. 

Question: Do Moissanite Diamonds look Fake?

Answer: To an untrained eye, Moissanite can look very much like a diamond. Moissanite can display more fire than a diamond and can double the tip of the stone, so those are properties to look for when examining your Moissanite stone. However, it is a real stone and has taken on its reputation as a great diamond alternative. 

Question: Can I pass off my Moissanite as a Diamond?

Answer: Three types of stones can be positive on a diamond tester. Two are natural and lab-created diamonds because they are real diamonds. But the third stone, Moissanite, can read positive. Diamond tester tools detect thermal conductivity, and Moissanite will register a false positive, as Moissanite is a good heat conductor. 


I say, that any Moissanite ring is a winner to me. I personally love the cushion cut from Forever Moissanite. Lovely sparkling with immense fire, one of my favorite things is to stare at my Moissanite rings in low light and get mesmerized by the fire that it displays. Diamonds are pretty, but Moissanite is gorgeous!

I prefer the Cathedral sides on my bands, they really do help keep from catching your ring head-on clothing and other materials, I know, I wore my cathedral ring for well over twenty years.

I do love the engraved and etched sides of some of these rings and am keeping my eye out for just the right one to purchase, but I think all the accent stones and side stones really have my heart; I love the sparkle they display. I do not think you can go wrong with all the choices I have recommended today!

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