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The 9 Best Royal Blue Wedding Dress Ideas

The best royal blue wedding dress ideas will inspire you to embrace your own bold or quirky side and feel free to explore unconventional wedding gown options. 

The dresses below made the “best” list because of their ability to flatter various body types. I also chose dresses that seemed reasonably priced.

Since royal blue wedding dresses aren’t the norm, you’ll probably find that you’re limited to just a handful of places to shop (JJ’s House and Etsy are the two spots with the most choices as of this writing). Don’t forget to check department stores’ dress selections or dresses marketed for bridesmaids or prom-goers.

The best royal blue wedding dresses will make your skin tone glow, show off your best features, and make you feel beautiful and like you’re entirely being yourself by choosing a color that isn’t the norm.

The Bottom Line Up Front

I found the royal blue wedding dresses that are most likely to make you feel like royalty on your wedding day, whether you’re going for a traditional style or not. It came down to the type of fabric, the affordability, and special details that would make them exceptionally interesting to photograph (like the Anastasiia Zeybek design with the double train). I also chose dresses across a range of styles to address every bride’s taste.

I especially love the royal blue dresses that have the exquisite romantic, classic styles most traditional white wedding dresses do. My favorite option on the list is the JJ’s House Trumpet/Mermaid style because it blends romance, nostalgia, and classic style in one stunning silhouette, plus it would be a delight to accessorize. 

The 9 Best Royal Blue Wedding Dress Ideas for Your Big Day

Here are some of the most stunning royal blue dresses to wear on your wedding day:

David’s Bridal Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder Satin Ball Gown

David's Bridal Sweetheart Off-the-Shoulder Satin Ball Gown

This Oleg Cassini design at David’s Bridal is elegant and casual at the same time. The off-the-shoulder style is a delicate and feminine choice that’ll allow you to show off a beautiful necklace. 


  • It has a simple design that will flatter various body types.
  • You may be able to hang this one in your closet to wear to another formal event later.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive at just over $200.00.


  • It’s only available in sizes 14 to 24.

Sweetheart off-the-shoulder satin ball gown | David’s Bridal

This satin ball gown is a dream to wear and features an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline.

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Azazie Lydia

Azazie Lydia

The Azazie Lydia exudes sophistication with its one-shoulder style, chapel train, and chiffon. 


  • The sizes run from 0 to 30 (free custom sizing is available).
  • You could use this one for other formal events later (though the train may prevent it).
  • The mermaid silhouette and ruching show off your curves.


  • If you’re looking for a dress you can wear again, this one might not be as good of a choice as other options on this list.

Maya Antonia Design Custom Royal Blue Tie-On Waist Chiffon Maxi Dress

Maya Antonia Design Custom Royal Blue Dress

This Maya Antonia Design option on Etsy is perfect if you’re looking for a dress you can wear over and over again that’ll tie in with a romantic, nostalgic, or boho theme.


  • It’s inexpensive at under $100.00.
  • It’s custom-made, but returns are accepted (with a $20.00 fee).
  • Shipping doesn’t take as long as it might on other wedding dress orders–it’s surprisingly fast.
  • You can wear it in all kinds of settings. It’s dressy enough for a casual wedding and casual enough for a date night or other special occasion.


  • It may be too casual for some brides.
  • If it doesn’t fit and you need to return it, you’re out $20.00 because it was custom made.

Anastasiia Zeybek Velvet Flowy Maxi Dress with Flying Double Train

Anastasiia Zeybek Velvet Flowy Maxi Dress

Here’s another Etsy pick, and it’s absolutely perfect for the bride who wants stunning photos full of color on her wedding day. The double train is attention-grabbing and could provide some interesting photo opportunities by trailing toward the camera, trailing down a set of stairs, or sprawling out on the ground behind the bride.


  • Shipping is reasonably fast.
  • It’ll provide opportunities for especially creative wedding photos.
  • It costs less than $200.00.


  • Unless you do another photoshoot, you probably won’t get much use out of this dress after the wedding.
  • Velvet may not be for everyone.

David’s Bridal Lace and Mesh Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

David's Bridal Lace and Mesh Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

This option is one of the deeper shades of blue on this list, which could be just the thing for a fall or winter wedding. It has an elegant, simple silhouette with a delicate off-the-shoulder neckline and a front slit. 


  • Sizing runs from 0 to 30.
  • It’s under $200.00. 
  • If there’s a David’s Bridal near you, you can go in and try it on before making the commitment of ordering online.
  • You could wear it to another formal event later.


  • Availability may be limited (if they don’t have your size online, check with the closest store before you give up).

Lace and Mesh Off-the-shoulder Bridesmaid Dress | David’s Bridal

Off-the-shoulder necklines, pretty lace, and soft mesh: A few of our favorite things come together in this instant-classic bridesmaid dress. Finished with a ribbon-defined waist and a slit skirt.

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JJ’s House A-Line V-Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

JJ's House A-Line V-Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

This option from JJ’s House says it’s a bridesmaid’s dress, but it has the style of a traditional (though slightly toned down, and obviously a different color) wedding gown that looks like it belongs on a cake topper. The long sleeves make it a good choice for fall and winter weddings.


  • It has a traditional shape, but it’s royal blue instead of white, so it could be a suitable compromise gown for a bride who wants to keep one foot in “traditional” territory but really wants to wear a royal blue wedding dress.
  • Sizing ranges from 0 to 26 (sizes 16 and above are $8.00 more than other sizes). 
  • Relatively inexpensive, especially for a dress with a traditional feel, at $123.00 ($131.00 for sizes 16 and above).
  • The A-line shape is almost universally flattering.
  • Ruching on the bodice can make the most of your curves.


  • It could take a while to make it to you since tailoring time is up to 11 days and shipping time is up to six days, but it’s still far shorter than what you might find at a traditional bridal shop.

JJ’s House Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-Shoulder Court Train Chiffon Lace Bridesmaid Dress

JJ's House Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-Shoulder Dress

This option from JJ’s House is the epitome of romance and elegance, and I can’t imagine a bride in this would feel like anything less than a queen. This shade of blue adds to the royal vibe.


  • The mermaid/trumpet style and off-the-shoulder neckline will show off your curves and gorgeous décolletage. 
  • The court train is long enough to scream “bride” without being over the top, making this dress work in various venue types.
  • There’s lots of chiffon and lace, but not a lot of beading or crystals, so the dress won’t feel stiff or heavy when it’s on.
  • It costs less than $150.00.


  • This style is less universally flattering than an A-line skirt, so it could be more challenging to be sure it’ll look good when you order online. If you already know you love mermaid silhouettes, that takes the guesswork out.

American Dress Codes Zalva Sexy Cape

American Dress Codes Zalva Sexy Cape

This Etsy option from Americandresscode will make you feel like royalty and incredibly sexy at the same time. They’re custom-made and stretchy, so you’re able to get the perfect fit that shows off your curves just the way you want. Beading can be done in gold or silver.


  • This is an incredibly sexy design with a cape that provides an air of royalty and a little extra warmth.
  • Sizes range from XXS to 4X and heights from 4’11 to 6′.
  • The product description provides quite a bit of advice about choosing the right size.
  • The cape is an exciting alternative to the traditional train.


  • It’s stretchy and fitted, so this won’t be the most comfortable option for all brides.

Maya Antonia Design Custom Royal Blue Tie-On Neck, Tie-On Waist Chiffon Maxi Dress

Maya Antonia Design Custom Royal Blue Dress

This Maya Antonia Design sold on Etsy is one of those dresses that will look beautiful in a casual setting and can be worn again and again. If you hate the idea of buying an expensive dress you’ll only wear once, take a look at this one.


  • It’s under $100.00.
  • You won’t need to find a necklace to wear with it because the tie-on halter style looks best without one.
  • The tie-on waist cinches the dress in just the right spot to show off your figure. 
  • The light and airy skirt will make you feel like a princess and provide gorgeous photo opportunities.
  • It fits women’s XS to 3XL.
  • You can wear it without the belt, too.


  • Because it’s so easy to wear anywhere, anytime, it may not be dressy enough for some brides–even those who want a fairly casual wedding day.

Why Wear Blue?

woman in blue dress

There are plenty of reasons you may want to wear a blue dress on your wedding day, like:

  • It perfectly complements the venue.
  • Royal blue is your best color and the more traditional wedding dress shades could never compete with what blue does for your skin tone and other features.
  • It’s your favorite color and you’re not tied to tradition. 
  • It’ll look way too beautiful with the other colors you’ve chosen for your wedding for you not to go with a royal blue dress.
  • You want your dress to be your “something blue.”
  • You don’t want a traditional wedding dress style, so your options are wide open.
  • You can save money when you veer off the conventional wedding gown path.

Why You May Want to Leave Royal Blue to the Bridesmaids

bride in blue dress

I will always encourage brides to wear whatever they want on their wedding day. But I will also encourage them to think it through before they leave the traditional route in favor of a colorful dress. Why? Because you’ll want to display the photos forever and take periodic strolls down memory lane by flipping through them from time to time.

Before you commit to a royal blue dress, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I usually someone who wants to stick with traditions? Why or why not?
  • Do I ever regret not doing the traditional thing when traditions are pretty ingrained in an event?
  • When I look back at these photos in 10, 20, 50 years, am I likely to regret choosing blue?
  • Is there a special significance to why I’m considering a royal blue wedding dress, or am I thinking about it on a whim?
  • What will my other wedding colors be? What will the groom wear, and how will our attire look side-by-side in photos?
  • Would I stand out more in group photos with the wedding party if I chose a different color?
  • Do I want to be able to wear my dress again and again because it’s not a traditional wedding gown, or would I prefer to have a “special” dress that never strays outside that point in history?

Again, I’m not trying to discourage anyone from wearing a royal blue dress, but there are some things to consider (when choosing any dress) before taking the leap. 

What Goes with Royal Blue for a Wedding?

royal blue dress for wedding

If you’ve had your heart set on wearing a royal blue wedding dress for a while, you’re probably going to build the rest of your color palette around that. 

So what goes with royal blue?

White or black could, of course, but let’s branch out a bit and get creative:

  • Yellow
  • Hot pink
  • Gray
  • Goldenrod
  • Sky blue
  • Aqua
  • Navy
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Soft coral
  • Rose
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ivory
  • Royal purple
  • Cornflower blue

You could even go monochromatic and use shades from icy blue to navy.

Another option would be to let the royal blue act as the deeper anchor color and then accent with bright shades like hot pink and/or yellow in the warmer months.

You could also consider using the royal blue in a rich blend of purples and lighter blues during the cooler months.


Question: Are there blue wedding dresses?

Answer: Yes, you can find wedding dresses in any color you’d like, especially if you’re willing to consider dresses designed for other occasions. 

Question: Can a bride wear blue?

Answer: Absolutely! A bride can wear any color she wants, and blue represents love and fidelity (plus you can mark off your “something blue” right away!), so it’s perfect if you want to wear something other than the traditional white wedding dress. 

Question: What does it mean to wear a blue wedding dress?

Answer: According to Vows Bridal, blue stands for calm, peace, feminity, life, purity, and “can also symbolize stability, security, and lifelong loyalty.”

Choosing Your Perfect Royal Blue Wedding Dress

When you’re choosing from the best royal blue wedding dress ideas on the market, remember not to limit yourself to any specific type of store. The perfect one could be somewhere outside of a bridal or prom shop. 

Choose royal blue if you want to make a statement by wearing a non-traditional wedding dress color. If you like the traditional but don’t want to go all-in, there are plenty of royal blue dresses that mimic the shapes of traditional gowns (the ones on the simpler end of the spectrum, at least). Wear what makes you feel amazing. 

If I had to choose a single dress to recommend trying first, it would be the JJ’s House trumpet/mermaid off-the-shoulder court train chiffon lace bridesmaid dress. I love the way it combines a stunning, elegant silhouette with a bold blue shade and a romantic, nostalgic vibe, all in one place.

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