how to choose wedding makeup artist

How To Choose Your Wedding Makeup Artist

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Choosing your makeup artist for such a special occasion as your wedding may often seem like a long and daunting task. With all the options out there how can you tell who is legitimate?

Throughout this article, I will walk you through the questions you should ask, questions the makeup artist should ask, warning signs and good / bad habits to watch for.

how to choose wedding makeup artist

Choosing Your Wedding Makeup Artist – What Questions Should I Ask?

Let’s get started with questions you should ask every makeup artist you meet with. Start by getting to know them a little, if they are going to be part of your big day you should be friendly with each other.

Asking questions such as; “How did you get started in makeup?”, “What experience do you have?”,”If you were not a makeup artist, what would you do?” will help you get to know them better and start to build up necessary trust.  People do this with me all the time and I completely expect it and understand why they’re asking.


Ask About Their Make Up Kit

You could ask about what products they like to keep in their kit. Product names are not the most important thing but if you are paying a professional price they should be using professional products. Makeup Forever, Krylon, Estee Lauder, YSL and MAC are just some examples of quality products to look for.

What Should They Be Asking You?

Let’s move onto questions your makeup artist should be asking you. Before they come anywhere near your face they should ask you if you have any allergies. Latex, fruits, and parabens are among some of the most common cosmetic related allergies. If you have any allergies at all, tell your makeup artist. It may seem unrelated but you can never be too safe when it comes to your skin and your overall well being.

Before getting started they should also ask if you have any sensitive areas. Many people have sensitive eyes and cannot handle too much makeup around their eye area.

Skin Type and Your Routine

Next, they should ask you about your skin type. Many artists will be able to determine your skin type by just looking at you but it is important for them to hear how it feels to you.

They should also ask about your usual routine, they want to create a look that suits you and makes you comfortable. Be honest about what you do and use on your skin, there will be no judgements or repercussions.


Are They Right For You?

Now that you have contacted your artist and gotten to meet or chat with them you can begin to notice some patterns and habits. Were they easy and eager to respond to you when trying to work out a meeting? When being asked questions were their answers clear and easy to comprehend?

how to choose wedding makeup artistPayment

Did they make their pay rate and payment method clear? Are they patient when discussing your wants and needs? Do they make eye contact and engage you? These may seem like pretty basic things to look out for but, if your artists’ behaviours and body language make you uncomfortable or uneasy that is a sure sign to look for someone else. If they are running late, seem messy or disorganized, have dirty finger nails or bad hygiene it is time to keep searching for another artist.


Now let’s take a look at some things your makeup artist should definitely not do. If the makeup they are using is coming from a pan, bottle, tube or any other reusable packaging it should never be applied directly to your face. Any product should be transferred to a clean and sanitized palette by using a palette knife and then they may use a sponge or brush to pick up the product for application.

Powder products should have their first layer wiped off with a disposable tissue and sprayed with 99% isopropyl alcohol, makeup pencils should be sharpened and sanitized the same way.

It is considered unclean practices for a makeup artist to blow on any product, brush or face. Moistening cotton swabs using saliva, reusing mascara wands / double dipping in a communal mascara tube, biting their finger nails, and not protecting the work space are all examples of unclean habits to watch for during the trial.

how to choose wedding makeup artist

How to Choose Wedding Makeup Artist – In Conclusion

All in all, trust your gut. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to speak up for what you think may be an unclean or unsanitary habit, or practice. Also, if you do not see them washing or sanitizing their hands in front of you, run for the hills.

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