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c – Don’t Forget Anything!


A wedding is a day you and your family will never forget. From photos, gifts and other memorabilia, your wedding is something that will always be the greatest day of your life. As it will be so memorable, you want to make sure you look stunning throughout the whole day and in every memory. From […]

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The History Of Wedding Bands

engraved gimmel ring

Though the fact that wedding bands haven’t always been the shiny diamond studded connotation of love they are today might be common knowledge, the depths of history that they reach might surprise you. Whether you are personally interested in the history of these symbols of commitment, or if you’re marrying a history buff who you […]

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The History Of Engagement Rings

gold roman ring_pledge3

As familiar as we may be with a wedding engagement consisting of an elaborate proposal and diamond studded ring, this practice is extremely modern in comparison to the deeply rooted history of engagements as a whole. Whether the history of engagement rings is fascinating to you personally, or you’re looking to surprise your future Mr. […]

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Mohs Hardness Scale

mohs hardness scale

While searching for your engagement or wedding ring, you will hear many terms that determine the quality and value of certain stones – one of these terms is the Mohs Hardness Scale. The Mohs Hardness scale was created in 1822 by a mineralogist named Friedrich Mohs and, despite the time that has passed between now […]

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