Round Diamond with Tapered Baguette Ideas

You are looking for a diamond ring, and more specifically a Round Diamond with Tapered Baguette Side Diamond, that is THE look that you want. I’m going to make recommendations for a few styles of this kind of ring, and give you pointers along the way. As an experienced jewelry collector and writer, I know a few details about jewelry that can help you figure out the best detailing to look for in your jewelry.

Bottom Line Upfront

Picking my absolute favorite, this Rose Gold Vintage Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring With Tapered Baguettes is my recommendation. The Art Deco qualities are toned down, the center stone is framed with additional diamonds and the color of the setting is entirely feminine. If you can’t quite stomach the price tag of that ring, then my second choice is the delicately soft gold 18K Yellow Gold Tapered Baguette And Princess Engagement Ring, the center stone is the highlight of the ring of course, but the side stones and accent stones are well held in the ring by a solid channel setting. 

Baguette Diamonds

What the heck even is a baguette diamond? 

Baguette diamonds were first designed during the Art Deco era, and they are named after a loaf of french bread. It is a pretty cool shape that is sorta timeless. They can look antique in an art deco style, or they can look modern inside and infinity ring. The shape of a baguette is a long rectangle with squared corners and fourteen facets. Tapered baguettes are a trapezoid shape, if you don’t remember from math class, a trapezoid is a rectangle with sides that go in and one end that is smaller than the other.

These stones have become popular in modern jewelry as the focus has been on a bright shining stone for certain jewelry collections instead of sparkling stones. Baguettes have a beautiful shine that gives them a modern understated look. 

Alternate Stone Shapes

Since we are dealing with the shapes of gemstones here, almost any gemstone can be cut into various shapes. However, if you cannot find the Tapered Baguette gemstone ring you are seeking, then these shapes are similar and may serve your needs as a better choice.


Since we are focusing on tapered Baguettes, the most obvious alternative shape is to consider a Baguette cut. Baguettes are long stones with long, wide facets that appear to shine more than sparkle inside the diamond. Baguettes are straight-sided stones that are even through like a rectangle. 


Emerald-Cut diamonds are also long-sided like a rectangle. There are differences between the two, which are that the Emerald cut has diagonal corners to the baguette’s sharp square corners. Facets are a big difference as well, Emerald cut gems have fifty-seven or fifty-eight facets, making them brilliantly sparkling compared to the fourteen facets of the Baguette.


These eye-shaped gemstones are a perfect accent stone. Known for their petal shape they accent large stones like Round, Oval and Cushion cut center stones. With fifty-eight facets, these little stones can be very sparkly accent stones. Because of the unique shape, these stones can be a lesser clarity with inclusions as the stone shape hides the flaws well. 


Another Art Deco style cut, the Asscher is a vintage-looking cut with long narrow facets that shine out of the diamond, instead of sparkling. Asscher is a square shape with diagonally cut corners and is a very specific look when considering gemstone shapes. 

Radiant Cut

The fat rectangular shape of the Radiant Cut has cropped corners and exactly seventy facets. Brilliant sparkle comes from this hybrid combination cut, one where Emerald and Round shapes have been melded together to create a gemstone with both depth and sparkle. 

Selection Criteria

I am bringing you picks that are colorful, a mixed representation of metal colors, but some of these rings you can customize to your tastes. The basics of the ring are decided for us, but I am including rings that have character and personality, even if it means a simple design.


14K Rose Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The rose gold setting brings a peachy pink vibe to this ring. The center round cut diamond picks up the colors of the setting and brings out those very feminine colors. Essentially a three-stone ring, the center stone can be chosen to your purchase price desirability. Watching the 360 views on this ring, the tapered baguettes give a neon effect, drawing light in a line towards the center one and a half-carat diamond. These tapered baguettes add shine to the ring sides and help lead the eye to the center stone. I am all about a pretty and simple ring, as long as the center stone is a big one!

Vintage Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring With Tapered Baguettes

The halo around the center stone makes the round-cut diamond stand out. The diamond is framed with rose gold metal and sits on top of the beautifully decorated setting. Two tapered baguettes lead down the shoulders of the ring, then some additional round accent stones continue well down the ring. The head of the ring rests on the setting and is also decorated on one side with an accent center stone as well as a few decorative additional stones. Rose gold is such a pretty color setting and this ring has all the sparkle you and I like. 

Baguette and Round Ballerina Halo Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Diamonds and Platinum? I’m feeling extra for this ring. The ring is a very Art Deco-style ring. While featuring a halo made both of round diamonds and tapered baguettes the halo feels more like a crown than a simple halo. I am in love with the unusual style of a halo and the selection of a platinum setting. The head of the ring, the part of the halo and diamond, sit up off the setting on two solid prongs and the ring is a bright polished metal. The baguettes pull the light in the direction of the center stone, drawing you in to look at the brilliance and fire of the almost one-carat diamond. 

1 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Tapered Baguette Halo Engagement Ring

I love halo designs on rings. The little frame of usually diamond accent stones makes a ring sparkle. My favorite color combination is the color silver and diamonds, even if it’s White Gold. The silver highlights the bright white flashes within the diamonds and adds its white shine to the ring. While this ring is mostly decorated on the head of the ring, the center stone, halo, and prongs. The small tapered baguette side stones do bring in a little more shine, a little more glam to a simple setting. 

Five-Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

This yellow gold setting with two tapered Baguettes on either side of the double claw prong set solitaire, this ring is unique with two baguettes instead of the typical single side stone. Channel set the two baguettes to highlight the trapezoidal shape of the stone and keep that in the setting. The darkness of the gold gives an Art Deco styling to the ring, as well as the long solid lines of the channel-style setting. I like that the diamonds are set with open spacing under the ring, to catch additional light from the sides so that the diamonds will show off their brilliance and fire.

18K Yellow Gold Tapered Baguette And Princess Engagement Ring

I adore the soft 18K gold of this ring. The softer color highlights the ring style and doesn’t give such an impression of Art Deco styling. Open metalwork under the ring allows more light in so that the diamonds sparkle, but the channel setting on the shoulders of the ring allows to solidly set the accent tapered baguettes and small square diamonds without a lot of prongs to catch with daily wear. I am very drawn to rings that have accent stones down the shoulders of the ring without being large stones between the fingers. Stones that fall past where the fingers touch can be rough and irritating when worn daily. This ring is really elegant looking and I think that makes it an excellent choice for daily wear. 


I have said I like rings that have accent stones along the shoulders. This ring shows off an inherently delicate look in the setting. With a larger diamond center stone, the small thin Tapered Baguettes look delicate and dainty. They are then added to with six accent stones that vary from small to larger along the shoulder of the ring. Many of these rings are separately sold from the center stone, so be aware that you may have an additional purchase of a center stone. Just make sure you get a nicely sized diamond to show off your beautiful ring. A girl needs her sparkle!

Art Deco Sunrise Ring

I think this is such a neat accent ring. While it can and does function on its own, this ring could be beautifully layered with another ring against it. Some rings are meant to layer against engagement rings and have a small half circle adjustment to the ring so that it will layer up against a ring with a larger center stone. This ring could be a unique and beautiful engagement ring or just a fun ring to wear. Five tapered baguettes radiate outward from the round cut center stone. Each baguette is then spaced with a small round diamond between them. 


Question: What are tapered baguette diamonds?

Answer: Baguette diamonds are diamonds shaped into a rectangle or tapered rectangle. Typically this style of diamond is a secondary look on rings, these diamonds are popular side stones. Baguettes are straight or have tapered sides that have a narrow end and a wide end, these sides taper inward towards the end of the gemstone. These stones can be almost any length and can have up to a 5:1 ratio. 

Question: Are baguette diamonds less sparkly?

Answer: Facets are the reason that diamonds are so sparkling. The light reflects and bounces around the diamond and is reflected back out of the stone with every facet. Baguette diamonds have fourteen facets, which means that they have a larger surface area to reflect the light. Baguettes are shinier, but less glittery, meaning, the bright reflected light comes from large surfaces, giving more shine, but since glitter is usually associated with sparkle, and smaller reflective surfaces, then Baguettes are not as sparkly as other gemstone cuts.

Question: Is Marquise a good diamond shape?

Answer: With one of the largest crown surfaces in gemstone cuts, the crown as the top of the gemstone is named, the Marquise cut gives the impression that it is a larger-sized diamond than its carat weight determines. Meaning, you get more bang for your buck. A long shape gemstone elongates the fingers making the wearer’s hand look slimmer and longer. 

Question: Which is the rarest diamond cut?

Answer: The rarest diamond cut is an update of the Royal Asscher Cut. Asscher cut is one of the least utilized cuts of diamonds, as the cut doesn’t show the sparkle of a diamond as well as more popular cut, and is intrinsically hard to cut properly. . Asscher cut also shows off the flaws of a diamond so well that the diamond needs to be as near perfect as possible. 

Question: What is a radiant cut stone?

Answer: The Radiant cut is a fusion of two other cuts, the Emerald Cut with its long step cuts and the brilliant-cut Round diamond. The combination of cuts showcases the brilliance of the stone while also highlighting the depth of the cuts drawing the eye down into the diamond. 


I am kind of a big sparkle girl, so the baguette cut isn’t the best gemstone option for me, I prefer round accents and side stones. I am in love with the sparkle that comes with the Brilliant Round cut, and any ring I seriously consider must be iced out. My advice for you would be to always follow your heart, whatever ring you fall in love with is one to consider. Purchase cost is another consideration, and so is metal tone. The Tapered Baguette is a good side stone, but unless you are a free-spirited style person, be careful buying jewelry that could be out of style in a few years as these stones lend to such an Art Deco style. Diamonds are timeless, but that doesn’t mean that certain cuts and styles are. Be mindful of that and you will make good decisions when purchasing jewelry that you intend to have forever.

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