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The Best Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Ideas Out There

The wedding industry has shifted during the pandemic – and that comes to trends as specific heart-shaped diamond rings.

As someone who’s written for the bridal industry, I was interested to see what changes might happen. The wedding industry, which is reported to be worth $73 billion, is always interesting to watch. Some of the changes, reported by the Seattle Times, are ones that are easy to predict.

For instance, several tiered cakes are being swapped in favor of more modest cakes – likely due to both changes in restrictions for social gatherings and more scaled back weddings altogether. Another trend? More and more brides are open to searching for the best places to find wedding dresses online, as opposed to in-person shopping.


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Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas That Are a Real Hit This Year

Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas

Best Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas

No matter if you’re following the Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry feud between the Royal Family and the British tabloids, the couple is ever-present in the news. Now that includes a signature gemstone and diamond cocktail ring, sure to provide ideas for jewelry for special occasions or even a unique take on engagement rings.

Meghan Markle, who often uses fashion to make social and political statements, aired with Prince Harry on Spotify, wowing in a playful Oscar de la Renta peplum hem dress with large print citrus fruit. While most eyes may have been initially of this plucky dress, what is now capturing attention is the cocktail ring she wore–not only for its style but also for its symbolism.

The pink sapphire cocktail ring features an ethically sourced center stone with accent diamonds,

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