Best Places to Buy Crystals Online

Best Places to Buy Crystals Online

Whether you’re after opals, tourmaline or something else, crystals can make a big difference in your home. Here are the best places to buy crystals online to start your collection.

Once more of a niche industry, it seems crystals are everywhere today. From rose quartz in bedrooms to even crystals for skincare, 2022 is a great year to buy crystals. But knowing the best places to buy crystals online is important to avoid scams and fake products.

As a sign that crystals are more popular than ever, they’re now being featured everywhere from the Red Carpet to beauty products. An Allure feature showcased how, starting in 2018 crystals surged into many industries and popular culture. 

Crystals like obsidian have appeared at the Met Gala and other star-studded events. But it was the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic that brought crystals to prominence for the general population. Facing uncertainty and a changing world, many of us sought ways to feel secure and reassured.


Crystals are now more desirable on a consumer market basis than the diamond industry, according to Bloomberg. The crystal industry is worth over $50 billion. Americans are adding crystals to their bedrooms, carrying crystals, and even using crystal-infused skincare products. 

Crystal-infused lotions and creams claim to fuse spirituality and emotional well-being with conventional skincare. The idea is to bring energy to exfoliation. While not everyone is sold on the new products, what’s clear is that more Americans than ever are seeking ways to harness positive energy.

In this guide, I’ll discuss the most popular crystals for beginners. You’ll learn about crystal healing powers, how to find fake vs real crystals, and the best places to shop for crystals online. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary:  Read the entire article for details, but here are my picks. These places were selected based upon customer satisfaction, store policies and diverse selection. Each of these stores also offer fair prices and great shipping policies.

My Top Picks

  1. Crystal Gem Shop : Best Overall 
  2. Aquarian Soul: Best Eco-Friendly
  3. Crystal River Gems: Best Traditional Shopping Experience
  4. Exquisite Crystals: Best For Crystal Jewelry

What are crystals?

Crystals are any solid with a crystal structure. This consists of an even symmetry inside and a formation of both long and short-order atoms. Ions (positive and negative forces) form a crystal structure. When crystals melt, they lose their shape. Crystals are naturally occurring, but synthetics have also been produced for the global market. Crystals are noted for their lattices, symmetry, and ability to take on different shapes during the formation process.  

How are crystals formed?

Crystals are formed when atoms combine during a cooing process. Liquid magma cools and hardens. Naturally occurring crystals are thus made from a combination of cooling, evaporation, and atoms fusing. Going into more details, there are 3 primary ways crystals form: solutions, melts, or vapors. 

Where in the world are crystals found?

Crystals are found around the world, but some countries are more abundant. If you look at mineral production, China leads the way, followed by Russia, Mexico, and Botswana. For popular crystals used for healing purposes, however, Brazil leads the way. Sri Lanka, Uruguay, and the Czech Republic are also important sources. South America is the continent that’s most conducive for crystal formation. 

What are the 7 types of crystals?

Crystals are categorized based on their internal crystal structure. The seven main types of crystals include triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal, trigonal, hexagonal, and cubic. These refer to the number of internal lattices and the way crystals were formed. However, you don’t need to study these classifications to buy the best crystals online. This tells you a crystals’ shape. Crystal shapes are determined by the size of their faces and edges. 

What do the crystals represent?

Crystals on the table

Geology aside, crystals are rich with symbolism and practical use. Though each crystal has its unique properties, crystals are most associated with spirituality. Crystals signify contemplation, awareness, and deep connection.

What were crystals originally used for?

In Ancient Egypt, crystals were prized for their beauty but also metaphysical properties. Ancient civilizations popularized crystals by crafting them into meaningful jewelry. However, the origins of crystals go back even further than that. The first mention of crystals was during the 4th century amongst the Ancient Sumerians. The Sumerians are believed to be the first to find crystals. Crystals have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, and continue to be used to this day. 

What religion is associated with crystals?

While crystals are associated with general spirituality, they have strong ties to organized religions as well. Buddhism to this day incorporates crystals with prayer and meditation. Christians do not typically use crystals the same way and do not generally believe in their healing abilities. Crystals and gemstones for Christians and other organized religions are more used as general symbols of strength. 

What are the benefits of crystal?

Some collect crystals for their beauty. Others, like my aunt, simply love to collect crystals and display them. Some crystals, like amethyst, are gorgeous options for fine jewelry. But for many who collect crystals, it’s all about their belief in healing properties. Here’s what you need to know about the most common crystals and their purported healing properties. 

Which crystal helps with anxiety?

Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals for its appearance. However, it’s also used for anxiety. Amethyst is said to soothe anxious thoughts and restlessness. Many claim it helps with insomnia and nightmares. Other crystals used for anxiety and stress include amber beads, rose quartz, black tourmaline, citrine, and red jasper. 

What crystals should I get for love?

Wearing rose quartz is said to attract love and support a romantic relationship. It’s used to boost self-confidence as well. Rhodonite is used to heal following a breakup or heartbreak of some kind. Pink kunzite improves an existing romantic relationship. Kunzite tightens a romantic connection primarily through strengthening communication skills. Blue lace agate brings forth harmony in a new or existing relationship. Meanwhile, moonstone is said to bring luck and fortune to a relationship. 

What crystals help with overthinking?

I know all too well how draining overthinking can be. Amethyst is helpful for its general calming properties. Celeste is thought to relieve obsessive thoughts and behavior patterns. Even if you can calm some of these anxious thoughts, overthinking can also cause a spike in cortisol and a lingering anxious feeling. Rhodonite and moonstone are used for calming and stabilizing those sensations. 

What are black crystals used for?

Black crystals of any kind are valued for meditation. Black crystals center one so they can internally focus. They’re often used as forms of protection from both internal and external negativity. 

What is tourmaline good for?

Tourmaline is a crystal that comes in countless colors. Black tourmaline, purple tourmaline, green tourmaline, and pink tourmaline are among the most popular varieties. Tourmaline is one of the best crystals to start with because it has protective, healing, and energizing properties. Tourmaline protects against negative energy. Tourmaline is commonly used in Feng Shui to shield a room. Tourmaline is said to help heal tension, spinal discomfort, and paranoid thoughts. Tourmaline energizes by inspiring and promoting both uplifted spirit and compassion. 

What does citrine crystal do?

Citrine is mostly used as a healing crystal. These striking yellow crystals support emotional well-being. While some crystals are used for protection, citrine channels positive energy. That energy inspires self-confidence, esteem, and emotional wellness. 

What is Tiger’s Eye crystal used for?

The striped crystal is known for protection. Most popular as an amulet, Tiger’s Eye is said to force away negative energy and misfortune. The crystal can likewise be used to transform negative thinking into positive, power thinking. Some use this crystal as a token of good fortune. 

What is jade crystal good for?

Jade, meanwhile, is used for both protection and promoting harmony. This crystal is associated with healthful friendships, empowerment, and good luck. 

What crystals are good for beginners?

jewelry with crystals

The good news: there are countless crystals to choose from. But for beginners, collecting crystals can prove overwhelming. For this reason, I recommend sticking with a few crystals. These crystals provide a great start to your collection for a few reasons. For one, they’re abundant and affordable. They also have a nice variety of protective and healing properties to help you feel your best. 


Crystal  Where Should I place it in my home? Properties/ Benefits
Amethyst Bedroom, Kitchen, or Living Room  Emotional Support, Used for Anxiety, Immune Health Digestive Health, Headaches.
Citrine Desk/ Study Area Boosts Creativity, Productivity Joy, Compassion, and Confidence 
Jade  Near Entrance; Eastern Orientation Good Fortune, Reduces Negativity, Promotes Balance 
Moonstone  Bedroom/ Beside Bed  Reduces Stress, Boosts Emotional Health, Good Fortune for Love and Work 
Obsidian Any Room, Especially Bedrooms and Quiet Areas Protects Against Negative Energy, Promotes Overall Health & Wellbeing 
Clear or Rose Quartz Clear: Kitchen


Rose: Bedroom (Southwest)

Clear: Cleansing, Regulation, and Balance 


Rose: Promotes Romance and Connection 

Tiger’s Eye  Windows, Doors, Purse  Reduces Anxiety, Promotes Clarity, Balance, and Protection 
Tourmaline  Entrance/ Corners of Room  Protecting Shield, Balancing Energy Luck, Fortune Inspiration, Compassion, Tolerance, Used For Anxiety & Paranoia 

How do you use crystals at home?

Crystals are used for decorative and healing purposes within a home. However, using them goes beyond placing them in a certain room. Here’s what you need to know about charging and storing crystals to reap the benefits. 

What happens if you break a crystal?

Some believe that breaking a crystal by accident means that there’s been an energy shift, or that energy has become overly full. Regardless, breaking a crystal isn’t all bad luck. Crystals that are broken retain their qualities though the energy may be at different levels. Some purposely break crystals. You can break a crystal into smaller pieces with repetitive force. However, I advise caution doing so. Some crystals are easier to break than others.

How do you recharge crystals?

Crystals can be recharged at any time, though some follow lunar cycles. To recharge your crystals, place them in saltwater or sunlight. Make sure your crystals can withstand the element you choose. This is said to both charge and cleanse your crystals, bringing them back up to full strength. They have usually placed a windowsill, first exposed to moonlight, then direct sunlight. 

How long should you use a crystal?

While some carry crystals with them always, direct meditation is different. Most believe that you should meditate with crystals for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Make sure you remember to recharge them after use. 

Where should I keep my crystals?

Crystals may be placed in their respective rooms in your home. You are free to store all your crystals together when you’re not using them. Keep in mind that many crystals are easily fractured. With this in mind, if you do store crystals together, they should be separated into compartments so they don’t damage each other. 

How can you tell if a crystal is real?

color crystals

Now that you know how to use crystals, I want to touch upon something very important: spotting fakes. If you’re buying crystals online, you need to know how to select them. There are several red flags that a crystal is fake, or that the company isn’t reputable. Here are the questions I ask myself before buying any crystals, whether I’m shopping online or in-store. 

What color crystals are there? 

The first red flag is an unexpected color. While crystals can be very colorful, very bright colors are a bad sign. Anything that looks like it can’t be naturally occurring, probably isn’t. If you find, for instance, lime green amethyst, it’s not genuine amethyst. 

Are there any bubbles?

The most common form of fake crystals is glass. While glass can approximate crystals, there are some obvious differences. Glass will have air bubbles and will appear glossy and smooth. Even polished crystals won’t be as smooth or glossy. They also don’t have air bubbles. 

Is there a description of the crystal?

Another red flag is the product description or lack thereof. Make sure the description clearly states what type of crystal you’re buying. It’s not required, but I prefer a company that supplies a description of what the crystal does, or has a section on their website that displays evidence of crystal knowledge. 

Is the company reputable?

I go a step further by investigating the company. Many online retailers for crystals don’t have a Better Business Bureau profile, though some do. If they don’t, I check for external consumer ratings, the company’s mission statement, consumer policies, and history of mostly positive sales. 

Where to Buy Crystals Online: My Picks

Want to add gorgeous crystals to your collection? I’ve selected my top 4 places to buy crystals online. All of these places meet my standards for high-quality crystals at fair prices. More importantly, none of these 5 places have any of the red flags I’ve discussed. With countless places to buy crystals online, all of these places are safe and secure websites and great places to shop. 

My product recommendations will focus on beads and other wearable jewelry. These can be worn or even stashed in your pockets or purse as you go out. For shops that don’t sell jewelry, I’ll recommend unique products. 

Crystal Gemstone Shop

With every order, you’ll receive free gemstones. But that’s not the main reason why the Crystal Gemstone Shop is an excellent place to buy crystals online. The Crystal Gemstone Shop is a small shop run by 6 women who are passionate about crystals and bringing healing and peace to their customers. The company has over two decades of experience and each of its products is selected by hand to ensure quality. They offer a 100 percent return guarantee for items shipped back within 30 days. They also have a customer loyalty program to help you save even more. You can shop for cabochon cuts, pebbles, cubes, squares, bowls, and more. They also have a nice selection of crystal jewelry. You can Shop All Products Here

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Beads

Rose Quartz and Amethyst Beads

This mala prayer bead is a gorgeous and meaningful option. Rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst are paired together and polished. These beads can promote romance, healthy connections, and balance for a stressful life. Buy Here


  • Rose Quartz and Amethyst 
  • Polished Beads
  • Useful for Prayer and Meditation 


  • Beads Can be Fragile 

Citrine Natural Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Citrine Natural Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

This cheerful beaded bracelet features polished citrine beads. The bracelet has a nice stretch and measures 6 to 7 millimeters. This bracelet provides cheer and helps you harness creativity, passion, and productivity wherever you go. Buy Here


  • Bright Polished Citrine 
  • Comfortable Fit 
  • Boosts Creativity and Productivity


  • Sizing May Not Fit Very Wide or Narrow Wrists 

Green Nephrite Jade Natural Chip Bracelet

Green Nephrite Jade Natural Chip Bracelet

This playful bracelet is very affordable and versatile. Nephrite is a popular form of jade that awakens energy to connect you on a deeper spiritual level. It’s a way to open yourself for honesty, passion, and candor. The color ranges from medium to dark green with white accents. Buy Here


  • Very Affordable 
  • Promotes Honesty and Passion
  • Comfortable Elastic Fit


  • One Size Fits Most May Not Work For All 

Aquarian Soul 

Aquarian Soul has a unique name, but that’s not the only thing that makes this online crystal shop stand out. Aquarian Soul is an independent and women-owned shop located in San Diego. In addition to crystals, they also sell bath, body, aromatherapy, and facial products. Their products are natural, organic, and shipped in sustainable and recyclable packaging. Crystals are hand-selected by local suppliers and even discovered directly by the women. Every crystal is ethically sourced. Their crystals include spheres, clusters, and shards. You can purchase both raw and polished crystals. Shop All Crystals Here

Rose Quartz Sphere

rose quartz sphere

This gorgeous sphere is a beautiful way to display rose quartz in your home. Shaped like a crystal ball, the purpose is for an even distribution of energy. This is useful for meditation and rituals. The rose quartz promotes love and romance and would make a powerful addition to your bedroom. Buy Here


  • Even Energy Distribution
  • Useful For Meditation
  • Promotes Love and Romance


  • Expensive 

Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian Pyramid

Want a unique way to display obsidian in your home? This obsidian pyramid is sure to make a statement. The pyramid is polished and beautiful,  but it’s the meaning that stands out. This pyramid protects you against your darker inner energies. It also absorbs negative emotions from other people. This statement piece can be placed in your home to create a more positive environment. Buy Here


  • Symbolic– Shows Our Lightest and Darkest Side
  • Protects Your Home
  • Stunning Display


  • Pricey 

Crystal River Gems

Crystal River Gems is different from my precious two places for a few reasons. This store sells wholesale crystals. The benefit is that you have a wider selection with some great prices than many smaller online stores can offer. They’re the largest source of agate online. Most of their pendants are sourced from either India or Brazil. While many wholesale sellers for gemstones and crystals don’t work closely with their suppliers, Crystal River Gems does a better job. This online store checks to make sure all gemstones and crystals are both natural and authentic. You can also visit them at their physical store location if you’re in Pennsylvania. Shop All Crystal River Gems Here.

Raw Crystal Quartz Stud Earrings

Raw Crystal Quartz Stud Earrings

These 6mm quartz stud earrings are a unique accessory. Raw white quartz is versatile and has a fresh, authentic feel. These genuine quartz stud earrings are secure with traditional silver post packings. White quartz absorbs negativity and illness. Buy Here


  • Raw, Natural Aesthetic 
  • Protects Against Illness
  • Versatile


  • Silver Can Tarnish 

Rainbow Moonstone Chips in Bottle Pendant 

Rainbow Moonstone Chips in Bottle Pendant 

This is a unique way to carry moonstone with you. Moonstone boosts your mood, supports emotional health, and even can bring fortune. This playful pendant features rainbow moonstone chips in a tiny bottle. You can wear it or carry it with you. Buy Here


  • Convenient to Carry or Wear
  • Promotes Optimism and Well Being
  • Unique Design


  • Doesn’t Come with Chain

Tiger’s Eye Sterling Silver Pendant 

Tiger’s Eye Sterling Silver Pendant 

This pendant has an old warm charm and appeal. The pendant is handcrafted with a genuine Tiger’s Eye gemstone. The frame is 925 sterling silver, which is both nickel and cadmium-free. This piece is unique but versatile. Wearing this pendant provides clarity and reduces anxiety. Buy Here


  • Handcrafted
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Nickel Free 


  • Sterling Silver Can Tarnish 

Exquisite Crystals 

My fourth and final best place to buy crystals online is Exquisite Crystals. Exquisite Crystals is a family-owned business with over two decades of experience. They focus on quality over quantity and “thoughtfully source crystals from around the world.” Though the company is small, I was pleased to see crystals are available in about every shape and form you’d like, from bowls to hearts, spheres, worry stones, palm stones, and more. Though they specialize in quartz, they have countless other minerals and crystals you can buy. In addition, you’ll also find Crystal Jewelry. They offer exchanges in most circumstances. Shop All Crystals Here

Clear Quartz Square Bead Necklace

Clear Quartz Square Bead Necklace

This quartz necklace is both meaningful and sure to make a statement. Clear and white quartz squares are polished and set on a 16-inch chain. The chain also comes with a one-inch extension. The necklace weighs a little over 27 ounces. Wear this necklace for clarity. Buy Here


  • Useful for a Clear Mind
  • Adjustable Chain
  • Polished Clear and White Quartz


  • Not Made with Precious Metals

Amethyst Faceted Drop Earrings

Amethyst Faceted Drop Earrings

Faceting allows these earrings to truly shine. These beautiful drop earrings feature striking amethyst crystals with a classic style. The earring’s backings are crafted with sterling silver and classic fish hooks. Wear this with everyday wear or even a special occasion. Amethyst supports your physical and emotional health. Buy Here


  • Faceting 
  • Supports Emotional and Physical Well Being
  • Sterling Silver Fish Hooks


  • Sterling Can Tarnish 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the biggest crystal ever found?

Answer: The largest natural crystal ever discovered weighed a whopping 837, 757 pounds. This beryl crystal was found in the Malagasy Republic in Southeast Africa in 1923. It measured 18 meters long and has a 3.5-meter diameter.

Question: What country is known for amethyst?

Answer: Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals and one of the best crystals for beginners. Brazil is abundant in both Brazil and Russia. The highest quality amethyst comes from Sri Lanka, Siberia, Uruguay, and parts of Russia. 

Question: Which country has the best crystal?

Answer: It’s hard to pinpoint the best crystal in the world. Many in the crystal industry claim that the Czech Republic deserves that acclaim. The Czech Republic is home to the Bohemian crystal. This crystal is special due to its brilliance. The Bohemian crystal’s brilliance is a result of its high lead content and subsequently high refractive rate. 

Question: What is the rarest crystal?

Answer: Taaffeite is the most difficult crystal to find. Today, gemologists know of only 50 Taaffeite crystals. The crystal was found in 1945 and few have been found since. It’s also one of the most expensive crystals, fetching a cool $35,000 per carat. 

Question: How do you grow a crystal?

Answer: If you don’t want to buy crystals, or just want a fun project, you can also grow them. You can either buy a crystal-growing kit (usually marketed for kids) or completely DIY. The Q’s youtube channel explains in this Grow Your Own Crystals Tutorial Video.  

Question: Do crystals vibrate?

Answer: Something that surprises new crystal owners is the vibrations. A crystal’s structure consists of atoms that travel in waves. These atoms create vibrations. However, this is most noticeable in very large crystal formations in the natural world. Read Science Daily’s Report on Crystal Vibrations Here
What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

Final Thoughts

For some, crystals are a way to bring positive change. Healing energy, clarity and positive energy are just a few reasons why crystals are used at home and even for travel. Whether you’re building a display of crystals or just want a gorgeous designer amethyst necklace, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you follow my tips for avoiding fake crystals. Start small, with a few crystals for beginners, then see if you feel adding more crystals will enrich your life. 

Final Buying Recommendations: Etsy Crystals

My final buying recommendation is to shop at Etsy. Etsy is a great place to find a wide variety of crystals at fair prices. You’re supporting independent creators and stores and can find some unique pieces. I also recommend caution when shopping on Etsy because, although they have transparent customer service policies, you should feel confident who you’re buying from. Buy from a shop with detailed customer reviews, 4.5 out of 5 stars and above, and a stable record of sales. I like to check that the shop is cohesive and sells other similar products. For any crystal jewelry, products are usually made to order take some time to be crafted and shipped. Order ahead. Shop All Etsy Crystals Here

Mystery Crystal Box

Mystery Crystal Box

While I wouldn’t recommend this box for everyone, this is a really fun option for gifting. This box contains an assortment of polished, tumbled, and raw gemstones. Shipments also include bracelets and incense. Every package is unique and carefully packed. All crystals are of A-grade (best) quality. The shop is highly rated. Buy Here


  • Great For Gifts
  • High-Quality Crystals
  • Highly Rated Shop


  • Can’t Select What You Get

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