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We love to show off our jewelry. Statement necklaces, bridal sets, engagement rings, even purity rings are all accessories that we wear to show meaning in our lives. They’re not just piece to wear around the finger or the neck, they often have special sentimental meaning to us.

A ring given to you by your parents, an engagement ring, a necklace worn by your best friend are all pieces of jewelry that are more than the metal from which they’re made. They remind us that we’re loved.

with clarity review

With Clarity Review: How Does With Clarity Work?

Deliberately different. That’s how emerging company With Clarity describes its New York-based model for selling diamond engagement ring and wedding rings to a modern consumer base. With Clarity claims to be among the most innovative and quickest growing companies that allow customers to shop for rings online from the comfort of their homes.  That’s a […]

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Diamond Nexus vs Moissanite: The Ultimate Battle

Diamond alternatives have been gaining popularity. Yet, still, there are many misconceptions and understandable doubts about alternatives, from cubic zirconia, to gemstones like moissanite, and companies offering other diamond simulants, like Diamond Nexus.

In fact, the confusion surrounding diamond simulants– and Diamond Nexus’ name — showed up in recent headlines concerning consumer labeling of lab-grown vs natural diamonds.

One Fresno, California couple ran into that very issue when they bought an engagement ring, which had the desired cut and clarity– but the couple was surprised to learn that the diamond was not a natural diamond, but a diamond simulant, which is far less valuable.

As these regulations are debated, one thing is clear: diamond alternatives like Diamond Nexus lab-grown diamonds and

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whiteflash vs brian gavin

Whiteflash vs Brian Gavin Compared: Which is Better?

The diamonds with the most carats get the headlines. From Paris Hilton’s 20 Carat present to Mariah Carey’s jaw-dropping 35 Carat platinum ring, there’s a common misconception that the bigger, the more brilliant. But first… Bottom Line up Front Summary: I personally prefer the easier to use website and top-notch support (and returns policy!) offered by Whiteflash

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