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Alexandra Gavrilescu is a true romantic and enjoys sharing her knowledge here on Love You Tomorrow. Why are you giving advice on Love You Tomorrow? I am a very romantic person. I'm in love with the idea of love since forever and I've always searched for the right one for me. It took a lot of heartaches to find him but when I finally did, I knew I would marry him one day. It took him almost 4 years to pop the question and another year to finally say yes to one another but it was worth it. I am lucky to have found my soulmate, a man who not only loves me but also respects and supports me. I am the lucky generation after both my grandma and my mother were unhappy in their marriages. I now want to help others who're in love to find their ideal wedding rings, engagement rings, bridal gowns, and more. I love writing about these kinds of topics since they make my heart full of joy knowing someone will read my content. Through my content, I want to make the entire wedding planning process a lot easier for others. We have organized our wedding on our own, plus some help from my mother, and it was very stressful, especially near the wedding day. It also had several wonderful moments such as finding our wedding rings and trying wedding dresses but the planning steps regarding our guests and their placement at the tables were awful for us. Fortunately, our special day was perfect, just how we imagined it. So, planning my wedding gave me numerous insights on how this process should be, and I now consider myself more than familiar with a wide range of wedding-related topics, from rings, dresses, and bridal makeup and hair to catering services, cake providers, flowers, and more. Who is your favorite wedding dress designer? I like several designers, including Monique Lhullier, Oscar de la Renta, and Pronovias Barcelona. I have even tried a couple of Pronovias dresses when I was searching for my dream gown. But, by far, my absolute favorite wedding dress designer is Galia Lahav. I love the style of Galia Lahav's dresses. They're so feminine and appealing, without being vulgar. The brand is all about femininity, lace, and other exquisite customized details, and I adore all those elements. You can find many beautiful Galia Lahav dresses, both pret-a-porter, and couture. I admit that I would have loved wearing one of these dresses. Unfortunately, they were way over my budget, but any of them would have made me feel like a princess. What's your favorite diamond jeweler? Obviously, if money were no object, I would opt for Cartier, Tiffany and Co., or Chopard. But, I also like vendors such as Blue Nile, James Allen, etc. My favorite one would be Brilliant Earth. They have a wide range of exquisite models, numerous diamond cuts, shapes, and settings, and they've focused a lot on sustainability which makes me feel a little less guilty for wearing a natural diamond on my finger. If you could give advice to someone planning their wedding, what would it be? Hmm, that's a tricky one. Some people manage to remain calm and relaxed but I wasn't one of them. I loved the dress trials but I hated talking to our food caterers and venue staff. If your budget allows it, please hire a wedding planner who will take most of that stress off your shoulders. If not, ask for help from your family or friends. Try not to overthink everything. After all, it's important for you and your spouse to feel good about the choices you make. It's impossible to please everyone so don't even try. Then, try to establish an initial budget, trust your intuition, take your time (start planning at least one year in advance), and remain true to yourself.

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen: Which One Is a Better Diamond Vendor?

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: While Brilliant Earth is a nice option, the overall better quality, selection and pricing is definitely via James Allen here. If you’re searching for online diamond retailers, there are two players on the market you should know about: Brilliant Earth and James Allen. In today’s post, I will discuss both

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raw amethyst engagement ring

Best Raw Amethyst Engagement Ring Ideas Every Woman Desires

When thinking about engagement rings, most people associate them with diamonds. However, there’s a new trend that focuses more on non-diamond engagement rings that has been growing in popularity. Part of that new concept is the amethyst – a stone that looks truly stunning on one’s finger. Obviously, we all want our precious rings to

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Ruby Fan Facts – Everything You Should Know About These Precious Stones

Besides diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, rubies are one of my favorite precious stones. They look gorgeous, featuring wonderful gemstones with several different shades of red. Some of them are a mix of red and purple hues. When it comes to luxurious accessories, rubies are among the top three alternatives. Unfortunately, their beauty and the stone’s

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