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Erin Jamieson has been following wedding and special occasion trends for as long as she can remember. She's written for bridal boutiques and wedding planning services. She loves helping customers find details for a memorable occasion. Why are you giving advice on Love You Tomorrow? I've written for a bridal boutique for a few years but followed wedding fashion and trends for years before that. I'm passionate about helping consumers find the best materials and styles for their weddings or special events. It's not just about finding the right product but contributing to some of the most important events in peoples' lives. Who is your favorite wedding dress designer? It's nearly impossible for me to select just one wedding dress designer. I love Hailey Page's ethereal dresses, as well as Anne Barge's exquisite classic silhouettes. Lazaro, Randy Fenoli, and Essense of Australia are a few of my other favorites. What's your favorite diamond jeweler? Brilliant Earth is my favorite designer for diamond and fine gemstone rings. Exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful previous materials, and ethical and sustainable sources are just a few reasons I love this store. If you could advise someone planning their wedding, what would it be? I think when we talk about wedding advice, it's so often on specific details. While wedding planning is important, I'm reminded of what a former teacher of mine once said. He still works as a DJ on the side, and he's seen weddings at all budgets, from modest to lavish, with horse-drawn carriages. The size and budget of the wedding aren't what matters most. The happiest couples don't always have five-course dinners and designer attire. Focus on a few details that matter most to you, and remember: this day isn't about impressing others. It's about making it meaningful for you and your partner.

old european diamond cut

Best Old European Cut Diamond Ideas That You’ll Love

Best old European Cut Diamond Ideas

Weddings may look different for some time in 2021, but that isn’t just limited to unique reception spaces and changes in online wedding planning— but also opting for beautiful and surprising engagement rings with old European cut diamonds.

As one of the more surprising trends and ideas for weddings in 2021, jewelry insiders are seeing an upswing in interest in old European cuts as an alternative to the modern brilliance of lab-grown diamonds from companies like James Allen.

Eva Zuckerman, the creative director of Eva Fehren opened up to the Zoe Report about the increasing interest in what she called “non-traditional shapes and cuts,” while other insiders cited the increased versatility of personality of a unique diamond-cut like old European.

Unique cuts pl

Best Old European Cut Diamond Ideas That You’ll Love Read More »

How To Find The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

3 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

Ever wanted jewelry but don’t have time to shop? Now maybe the best time to find the best jewelry subscription box, with so many options flooding the market.

From fine jewelry necklaces to fashionable watches and even beautiful diamond alternatives, jewelry subscription boxes were once seen as new and innovative. No longer did you have to go to a store in person– now you could have options shipped right to your door.

But 2020 changed the jewelry subscription box market, in ways no one could have imagined.

While the global pandemic has caused an economic downturn across the world, subscriptions, including jewelry subscription boxes–have had a twist of fortune. In fact, according to a Forbes report, “ How To Find The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes Read More »

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