Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – A Comprehensive Review

Blue Nile and Shane Co are some of the largest diamond retailers in the world. Most of their current activity happens online, on their websites, where you can order your desired engagement ring or any other precious accessory, from the comfort of your own home. Both brands are popular and they make efforts to create an overall good purchasing experience.

The Main Differences between Blue Nile vs Shane Co

The main differences between Blue Nile vs Shane Co include:

  • Blue Nile was founded in 1999, whereas Shane Co is a brand with a long tradition, being created in 1971.
  • Blue Nile delivers its jewelry in simple and straightforward boxes, whereas Shane Co opts for elegant and pretty fancy packaging
  • Blue Nile provides excellent customer services, whereas Shane Co have received some complaints in this department

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Company & History

Blue Nile

blue nile
The founder of Blue Nile is Mark C. Vandon. In 1998, he was working as a management officer when he started looking for the right engagement ring to propose to his fiancée. Only then he realized that the diamond market wasn’t offering what he expected. His main concern was a huge gap when it came to the industry’s online retail store.

Soon after, Mark found Doug William’s platform which was a small retailing website. He offered to buy 85% of the company’s shares and create a new improved appearance to the entire site. The final result was the birth of Blue Nile which is now a top supplier of loose diamonds.

In 2017, Blue Nile, which was initially a public trading company, became a privately owned enterprise. The process wasn’t easy but it was worth it, according to the founder. There were four different investors at the time.

Shane Co

shane co

This is the biggest privately-owned jewelry retailer in the US. Shane Co imports and sells diamonds and other precious stones like sapphires and rubies. Besides their online presence, they also operate through 20 brick-and-mortar stores located all over the United States.

The company’s founder is Tom Shane is a pitchman and well-known radio advertiser. He majored in business administration. Shane Co is more of a family-owned business. Although Shane launched this brand in 1971, his family members have been important players in this particular industry since the Great Depression.

The first one to take the risk of conducting business and becoming a jeweler was Shane’s grandfather, Charles, who bought the first store in 1929, in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the company’s representatives, they are committed to quality. Moreover, they do their best to offer value, great customer support, and even an educational opportunity.

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Diamonds & Jewelry Collection

Blue Nile

Blue Nile ring customization tool on the vendor's website

Blue Nile praises itself with thousands of loose diamonds, both white and colored. On their website, clients can search and compare different cuts, shapes, and settings, based on these product’s price tags.

Customers are impressed by the extensive information that the company provides on their website, for each and single diamond featured there. You will find details about symmetry, cutlet, measurements, polish, depth, girdle, fluorescence, and many more.

The company’s signature diamond collection is the well-known Astor by Blue Nile. All the items included in this selection are certified by both GemEx and GIA. Every diamond of this collection features intricate cuts that reflect plenty of light that gives the stone sparkle and brilliance.

Besides diamonds, you will also find designer ring collections, earrings, necklaces, gemstone bracelets, pendants, and other appealing jewelry on the brand’s website.

Shane Co

the second step of the Shane Co ring customization tool

You will find anything you like at Shane Co. They sell a wide range of beautiful jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, settings, and other accessories like necklaces, earrings, engagement rings, bracelets, and wedding bands.

If you’re searching for the perfect diamond, there’s the possibility to browse through the company’s impressive collection of GIA-certified stones. On their website, you will be able to filter your search by selecting your desired shape, cut, carat, etc. Not all of their diamonds are certified, though.

An essential feature is the platform’s customization feature that allows you to personalize the jewelry by utilizing Shane Co’s online tool. Still, some people mention that they haven’t found something that really stands out.

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Price and Value

Blue Nile

Blue Nile has gained an incredible reputation due to the value and quality of its products and services. No matter what kind of jewelry you’re searching for, that is the place to find it. Being a leader in this industry has enabled the company to develop strong bonds with large and legit international wholesalers.

The company’s business model relies on sharp margins. This translates into great and affordable products for the brand’s customers. Some rings cost less than $1,000 while other models can feature a price tag of over $30,000. Still, you can purchase a great diamond ring marketed by Blue Nile, at around $2,500.

What’s more important is that the vendor offers interesting financing programs. The easiest way is to use their dedicated Blue Nile credit card. Based on the item’s value, they provide interest fees for three different periods: 6 months, one year, and 18 months.

Finally, their return policy is great and the entire return process goes smoothly. All clients will get their money back as long as they send the jewelry back within a period of 30 days.

Blue Nile Payment Options

For its clients’ convenience, the jeweler offers multiple payment methods:

  • Bank wire transfer – if your order exceeds the value of $750, then you can arrange with your current bank to pay the bill through wire transfer and Blue Nile will give you a discount of 1.5%;
  • Credit cards – the following card providers are accepted: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB card, China UnionPay, and Diners Club;
  • Additional payment options – PayPal, WeChat Pay, Blue Nile credit card, and Alipay.

Shane Co

Shane Co provides good value for the money. As a client, you will benefit from their bulletproof return or exchange policy. All their rings and wedding bands come with a lifetime free resizing advantage. There are many additional perks that you can enjoy once you purchase an item from Shane Co but their average price is what intrigues all potential clients.

The most affordable jewelry models are sold for a little less than $1,000 while the most expensive accessories can even cost more than $20,000.

Shane Co offers multiple financing options. If you opt for the 6-month choice, you will avoid any interest fee. For longer payment periods, the APR ranges between 9.99% and 12.99%. In terms of return policy, you will receive your money back if you return the jewelry no more than 60 days since the purchase.

Shane Co Payment Options

Here are the available payment methods that Shane Co accepts:

  • Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.;
  • Wire transfer;
  • Alternative payment options – PayPal, Shane Co Preferred Customer credit card.

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Pros and Cons

beautiful jewelry set with blue precious stones

Blue Nile Advantages

  • Legendary status (Blue Nile is considered an authority in the jewelry industry);
  • Comprehensive information about their rings’ characteristics;
  • Very good shopping experience backed by excellent customer service;
  • Images offer a 360-degree preview of the precious stones;
  • More affordable prices compared to its competitor.

Blue Nile Disadvantages

  • Not all diamonds have pictures;
  • Lack of images might get clients confused, especially if they aren’t gemologist;
  • Confusing ring customization tool;
  • Contacting a customer service representative, even during an online purchase, might be necessary.

Shane Co Advantages

  • Good value for the money;
  • Good-quality jewelry;
  • A wide selection of diamonds and accessories;
  • Eye-catching jewelry designs;
  • Easily-navigable website;
  • Reputable company with a long history.

Shane Co Disadvantages

  • Quite expensive (many of their products are a tad overpriced);
  • Questionable quality of part of their diamonds (or, at least, a few people have said that);
  • Customer support could be improved (some clients were not satisfied with the way the company deals with customer complaints).

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Consumer Ratings and Reviews

a beautiful diamond ring with an emerald cut

Blue Nile

Although Blue Nile received an A-plus rating together with a BBB accreditation, when it comes to customer reviews, things aren’t perfect. On one hand, it is understandable, as a large corporation, to receive more complaints. On the other hand, the average rating remains pretty low.

While many customers were happy with their purchases, some complained about things related to the company’s service, mentioning issues such as less transparent return processes or slow responses.

Shane Co

I was able to find around 200 reviews in which clients mentioned they were satisfied with the jewelry they bought from Shane Co. The average consumer rating for this jeweler reaches up to 4.89 stars. Most clients like the way the company deals with complaints, saying it provides very good customer support.

A few buyers complained about the rings’ materials, saying they’re questioning the quality of Shane Co’s precious metals.

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Buying Experience

Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers an overall pleasant buying experience. The company’s representatives provide useful advice and diamond-purchasing tips to all their clients. Moreover, you can find jewelry education guides on their online platform together with a lot of informative articles.

On the other hand, vendors, in the brand’s physical stores, can get a tad pushy and many people have noticed how firmly focused they are on sales instead of creating a long-lasting customer relationship.

One thing I find odd is the advice they give that’s featured in one of their online guides. According to it, diamond certification isn’t as important as one might think. I believe that’s not the case and I find this information inaccurate.

Shane Co

Most clients are happy with their Shane Co buying experience. One possible problem can be the lack of GIA certification for some of the vendor’s diamonds. This issue was also mentioned by several different customers, on online review platforms.

Their website is quite user-friendly so it is easy to select, customize, and buy your desired ring or any other piece of jewelry. Once the buying process is over, in case you might want to return the product or contact the company for more in-depth details, you may be disappointed by their customer service. Many people said that it took a long time until they received a response from the company.

FAQ about Blue Nile vs Shane Co

Is Shane Co an Ethical Jeweler?

According to them, their business focuses on the following core values: ethics, transparency, lack of compromises, authenticity, and integrity. Most of their clients seem to think the same way. So, we can state that Shane Co is indeed an ethical vendor.

Does Shane Co Sell Lab-Made Diamonds?

Shane Co doesn’t market lab-grown diamonds but only natural diamonds. They believe in durable and rareness and that’s why they focus only on natural precious stones. In their opinion, each true diamond is unique and special and symbolizes love and commitment.

What Are the Sources of Shane Co’s Diamonds?

Shane Co is a family-owned business and its members have always collaborated with diamond cutters. Also, their sources are Mumbai, Antwerp, and Tel Aviv. According to them, these are all trustable sources.

Are Blue Nile Diamonds Created in a Lab?

Most of the company’s diamonds are natural and they are sourced from diamond mines. It appears that all their sources provide safe working conditions as well as fair wages for their miners. Still, Blue Nile also markets lab-created diamonds and pair them with settings made from recycled metals.

Why Are Blue Nile Rings So Affordable?

They have cheaper prices due to their business model. First of all, they sell many of their jewelry through their online store which allows them to lower their price tags. Also, they have a wide selection of lab-made diamonds which, obviously, are cheaper than natural diamonds.

Blue Nile vs Shane Co Compared – Bottom Line

Both Blue Nile and Shane Co are reputable and well-known jewelry vendors. They sell elegant and intricate ring settings and loose diamonds. Your final purchasing decision must be made according to your needs, preferences, and budget.

If you want a natural diamond, both companies provide a wide range of diamond cuts and collections. Blue Nile also has lab-made diamonds and, therefore, has lower prices. Some people even combine these two by buying a Blue Nile diamond and pair it with a Shane Co ring setting.

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