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The Best Heart Shaped Diamond Ring Ideas Out There

The wedding industry has shifted during the pandemic – and that comes to trends as specific heart-shaped diamond rings.

As someone who’s written for the bridal industry, I was interested to see what changes might happen. The wedding industry, which is reported to be worth $73 billion, is always interesting to watch. Some of the changes, reported by the Seattle Times, are ones that are easy to predict.

For instance, several tiered cakes are being swapped in favor of more modest cakes – likely due to both changes in restrictions for social gatherings and more scaled back weddings altogether. Another trend? More and more brides are open to searching for the best places to find wedding dresses online, as opposed to in-person shopping.


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Onyx vs Obsidian: Choose The Best Option

Whether you’re hunting for jewelry for a special occasion or even just as a gift, classics like moissanite, diamonds, and colorful gemstones like emeralds and topaz often come to mind. But what if you could score a unique and classic look with an unexpected hue?

Black onyx and obsidian are being seen more and more with fashion-forward and even luxury collections, with beautiful options for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

The renewed interest in onyx and obsidian was on display at events like Paris Couture Week in 2020. An Art Deco theme called for an update on classics with extraordinary details, stunning creativity, and unexpected colors.

From Cartier to Cindy Chao to other well-known names, designer jewelry was a throwback to the past – but also a push against convention.

At the center of that? A surprising entry was onyx, at the c

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Diamond Nexus vs Moissanite: The Ultimate Battle

Diamond alternatives have been gaining popularity. Yet, still, there are many misconceptions and understandable doubts about alternatives, from cubic zirconia, to gemstones like moissanite, and companies offering other diamond simulants, like Diamond Nexus.

In fact, the confusion surrounding diamond simulants– and Diamond Nexus’ name — showed up in recent headlines concerning consumer labeling of lab-grown vs natural diamonds.

One Fresno, California couple ran into that very issue when they bought an engagement ring, which had the desired cut and clarity– but the couple was surprised to learn that the diamond was not a natural diamond, but a diamond simulant, which is far less valuable.

As these regulations are debated, one thing is clear: diamond alternatives like Diamond Nexus lab-grown diamonds and

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How To Find The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

3 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

Ever wanted jewelry but don’t have time to shop? Now maybe the best time to find the best jewelry subscription box, with so many options flooding the market.

From fine jewelry necklaces to fashionable watches and even beautiful diamond alternatives, jewelry subscription boxes were once seen as new and innovative. No longer did you have to go to a store in person– now you could have options shipped right to your door.

But 2020 changed the jewelry subscription box market, in ways no one could have imagined.

While the global pandemic has caused an economic downturn across the world, subscriptions, including jewelry subscription boxes–have had a twist of fortune. In fact, according to a Forbes report, “

Crown Jewelers Review: Is this Company Worth it?

crown jewelers review

crown jewelers review

It’s undeniable: engagement and wedding rings are no longer confined to traditional storefronts behind security cases, but more and more available online through retailers like Crown Jewelers. While online sales of rings are still an emerging market, growth is notable, with an average of twenty percent per year at least according to retailer Taylor and Hart.

Instagram is now one of the leading influencers for a number of trends, and that includes

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Shane Co vs James Allen [2021]: Which is Better?

Shane Co vs James Allen Compared

Main Differences Between Shane Co vs James Allen The main differences between Shane Co vs James Allen are: Shane Co offers natural diamonds, whereas James Allen also offers lab-grown diamonds. Shane Co works directly with partners they source with, whereas James Allen applies more general conflict-free standards. Shane Co offers more high-end rings as well […]

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