Qalo vs Groove Rings

Qalo vs Groove Rings: Which Brand is Better?

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: If we had to choose just one brand, I think Qalo is the better fit here as they have more selection, better durability and more creative options bound to please more people.

In the jewelry industry, there’s an ongoing argument surrounding metal vs. silicone wedding ring choice and a traditional wedding band with diamonds or more affordable gemstones as another option. So, if you’re a jewelry fanatic (like us),  you’ve probably heard lots on either side.

However, if we look from the perspective of an active person, silicone rings have no contest. They’re usually pliable, stretchy if needed, they allow the skin to breathe better, and silicone doesn’t interfere with everyday activities.

So, the real question floating around the silicone wedding ring industry is: which brand is better from Groove vs Qalo? Of course, this hinges on personal preferences – after all, who knows your needs better than you do? But, in this review, we’ll try to shed some light on two of the biggest brands of silicone rings: Groove vs Qalo.

Each boasts its own perks and downfalls, so hopefully, we’ll help you decide on where you’ll get your next ring.  Does that sound good to you? Fab. Let’s dive straight into the wedding band review of each brand, and the other accessories they also offer customers!

The Main Differences Between Qalo vs Groove Rings:

The Main Differences Between Qalo vs Groove Rings are:

  • Qalo rings are thicker and firmer, whereas Groove provides a slimmer, more breathable design.
  • Qalo is made from a single mold, whereas Groove rings consist of two layers fused together.
  • Qalo has a one-time, anytime warranty, whereas Groove provides a lifetime guarantee.


Qalo has a broader selection, despite Groove’s impressive inventory, it has fewer rings in comparison. But, it does stock the official NFL collection – which is pretty cool!

Qalo stands for quality, athletics, love, and the outdoors. And true to their word, they provide exceptional items made with care. Ted Baker and KC Holiday founded Qalo. They both have families, and due to their active lifestyles, the founders were hard-pressed to find rings to suit their needs.

So, they created a brand to accommodate those always on the move, who wanted to keep the bond of marriage visible. Established back in 2013, Qalo soon became one of the biggest names in the industry. Their rings are hypoallergenic, non-conductive, and heat-resistant.

The store has a great selection (perhaps the widest on the market) and boasts affordable prices. We also have to mention that Qalo engages in a variety of philanthropic activities.

They release special collections of rings dedicated to worthy charities, and they give a percentage of their profits to great causes. These charitable lines often sell out, so it’s best to keep an eye on them to avoid disappointment! For a more in-depth look into Qalo, check out our comprehensive Qalo Silicone ring review! qalo


Why try Groove Life?

Groove Life offers many creative color combinations and designs. Pick the ring that matches your style or create your own! 

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Peter Goodwin founded Groove. He wasn’t satisfied by the rings he found on the market, as he spends the majority of his time in a cold climate working with his hands.

This combination meant that he needed a breathable groove and pliant ring, and no metal band or silicone wedding band fit the requirements. So, he started his own company with the help of Kickstarter.

There are a few reasons why the campaign was such a success: Every Groove ring collection is made with medical-grade silicone, and boast specially made grooves on the inner side of its band. Not to mention, the rings are made using two molds, which are then connected to form these high-quality products.

Since its beginnings, Groove strived to be innovative and create unique pieces for its customers. The brand offers undeniable quality, and even provides an extremely generous warranty (but, more on that later). So, if you’re looking to try the perfect silicone band for the first time, Groove is a safe bet! For a better look at Groove’s rings, check out our thorough review!

grove rings


It’s no secret that the main attraction of a silicone band is the freedom it provides – you won’t feel the same constrictions that plague the metal ring. As we’ve already hinted at, silicone bands are designed for active people, who don’t shy away from tasks and activities involving their hands. This is why comfort is our first point of comparison.

Groove Rings

As previously stated, Groove rings are made with extra care, using medical-grade silicone. This means the ring should boast little (if any) discomfort. While the design might remind you of a frail rubber ring, it’s not the case. With Groove, you’ll get a ring that will fit your finger perfectly – it won’t slide, catch on your skin, or rub your finger.

These rings are soft and seemingly pliable. They don a rounded, smooth look – meaning no edges or other sharp elements that could cause irritation. The band itself is slim, so it doesn’t take up half of your finger, this is partially what contributes to the fact you can barely feel the ring when it’s on.

Why try Groove Life?

Groove Life offers many creative color combinations and designs. Pick the ring that matches your style or create your own! 

Check prices
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The only noticeable dents in the design are the grooves found in the inner circle of the ring. They’re deliberately inserted to keep the air in and moisture out. And, as unlikely as it seems, you can’t feel the indents – despite the ring worn snug against the skin. Additionally, Groove has a very balanced sizing system, so you shouldn’t have any problems with alternating sizes to find the perfect fit! 

grove rings


When we compare Groove to Qalo, you’ll notice a few fundamental differences. The ring’s quality remains top-notch, but the ring itself is more substantial.

Some might like it; some might not – this comes down to personal tasted. In addition to the general sizes, the ring itself is thicker and the edges harder. Where Groove is smooth, Qalo is bulkier. So, if you work lots with your hands, the breadth of the band might get in the way.

There’s also the issue of ring size. Having scoured the internet, some customers report that Qalo rings are sometimes one size off. For instance, let’s say you’re a ring size 10, you might need to get a ring size 9 to enjoy a better fit.

Qalo rings are usually single-layer, but some bands are made out of two layers. In the case of Qalo’s double-layered rings, the connecting layers are more prominent when compared to similarly designed Groove rings.

qalo rings

Round One’s Winner: Groove

All in all, it comes down to personal preference. If a thicker ring of a bigger size isn’t a problem for you, go for Qalo. There’s no one mold you have to follow, and it’s good to try out several alternatives until you land on one that fits your style and needs.

But regarding general comfort, we have to give the first point to Groove – their rings are smoother, offering better wear-ability for those with active lifestyles.


It’s impossible to judge a ring’s worth without taking a closer look at its strength. And we don’t mean whether or not the ring will fall off your hand after three days (they won’t, don’t worry).

Instead, the issue here is that silicone isn’t metal – and because of that, it’s a bit frailer than your average ring. This is why it’s imperative to assess any silicone ring for its sturdiness. Let’s start with Qalo this time.


We’ve already discussed how these rings are thicker than Groove’s, and it’s this thickness that gives them a boost in durability. Perhaps you like rock climbing, or maybe you’re an avid fisherperson, or perhaps you’re always doing the heavy lifting?

Either way, Qalo understands this concern, so they aim to make their rings as durable as possible. The only downside is due to their size, they’re more likely to get caught on things.

This doesn’t pose any danger to your finger, but the ring itself might sustain some damage in the form of scratches or abrasions – nothing too serious. However, these imperfections could make the ring a tad unsightly, which could be an issue in the long run (from an aesthetic perspective).

qalo rings durability


As we’ve already alluded to, every Groove silicone ring, on the other hand, has a smoother and smaller design. So, their rings are less likely to catch on things, which, in turn, brings the number of scratches down to a minimum.

But, looking at Groove’s rings, you might think their slimness makes them fragile – don’t worry about that! The silicone they use is extra sturdy, which makes for a durable product (albeit not as robust as Qalo).

Round Two’s Winner: Qalo (Just)

So, this is somewhat of a trade-off. It’s down to you to note what matters most to you in a ring, and then you can select the brand that suits your needs best. Both rings pass the perfect durability test – but, as we’ve just said, Qalo has a slight edge.


Now we’ve discussed how well the rings fit and how durable they are, it’s time to see what the two brands have to offer. It’s a given that a silicone ring doesn’t look like a metal wedding band.

For one, you can’t have jewels or diamonds set in an intricate band. But, that doesn’t mean putting up with a tacky piece of rubber on your finger. Far from it, as the selection offered by both Groove and Qalo shows, there are tons of colorful, bright, and distinctive designs to choose from.


Groove has a wide selection of silicone rings for both men and women. There are plenty of different patterns to pick from. For example, if you’re looking for a gift for a dedicated hunter, why not get him a camo-themed ring with blades of grass on it.

Or perhaps you want to surprise a woman who likes flowers and would prefer something featuring blossom? Groove allows you to pick from plenty of different design variations – from vivid and vibrant, to minimalistic and subdued, there’s something to suit everybody’s tastes.

You’ll likely find what you’re searching for listed on their online store, and if you don’t… why not try their custom engagement ring options? As you’ve probably just guessed, Groove allows you to customize your ring. First, select the colors – remember the ring has two layers so that you can pick two tones, one for the inner and the other for the outer side.

So, you can choose to keep the ring as a single unit or create a distinct look that fits your style. Once you’ve selected the colors, you can pick either a text or a small image.

Of course, you can’t go overboard with what you want to put on the ring (such as massive pictures), but there’s a bit more freedom here in comparison to the metal rings. We can’t forget that Groove has wedding bands as well. You can pick a single ring with a unique pattern.

Or, if you want to copy trends set by metal rings, you can opt for stackable bands. This way, even your engagement ring can become an accessory; you don’t have to take off. Due to their thin design, these rings stack very nicely, so you can always expand your collection if the desire strikes.

And lastly, Groove also offers special collections. They mostly involve sports or first responders. For example, if you or your friend are fans of a sports team, there’s a good chance you’ll find a ring in Groove’s store to project your loyalties for all to see!

Groove is the only provider of official NFL rings, which means you can’t find these designs anywhere else. All in all, it’s safe to say Groove rings have an incredible selection. There are plenty of patterns, looks, and designs to choose from that suit a variety of personalities. So, there’s no need to make concessions when it comes to silicone rings!

qalo vs groove rings


And now we move on to the Qalo store. At first glance, we see this brand has a broader range of silicone rings. As usual, there are collections for both men and women – which include lines for everyday jewelry as well as wedding bands.

What makes Qalo stand out is their selection – and we’re not talking about just their individual designs. For example, let’s look at some of their classic men’s rings. If you see a design you like, you can also select its color. This is different from custom rings, and you’re not designing the whole thing, but it does give you that extra freedom without adding anything to the price.

Of course, not all rings have a crazy long list of available colors, but it’s the thought that counts! Product collections are nothing new in the ring industry, but trust us – Qalo goes above and beyond to give you tons of unique options to choose from. For this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Tie-Dye and Switch collections.

Tie-Dye is, as the name suggests, offers a beautiful blend of colors, not unlike watercolor paint. These mixing and merging tones look great on a ring, and due to the size of the ring itself, the design has a high impact. Now, over to Switch. This is a truly original collection, not found anywhere else.

The ring can be ‘switched,’ this means you don’t have to settle on one pattern or color, you can change it up any time. For example, if the ring’s inner tone is white and the outside is blue, you can twist the ring around to display a different color. Such flexibility may come as a pleasant surprise – especially if you thought the selection of silicone rings on the market were limited.

It’s safe to say, Qalo’s pushing boundaries with their designs, which can only be celebrated!  We also have to talk about Qalo’s customized options. You can customize a single-layer ring with your preferred text, or select a two-layer design with your desired inner and outer colors. Basically, the customization of Qalo’s rings matches and even surpasses Groove’s service.

Wedding and engagement bands aren’t forgotten about. Qalo offers more variety in its slim engagement rings. You can also go for stackable rings, with the option of creating your own stacks. This is an improvement on Groove, where all the available stacks are pre-made.

Plus, with Grove, if you go down the customizable route, you have to order them one by one. Whereas, with Qalo, you can make your stack from two, three, or even four rings and create a group of rings that reflect your personality, hobbies, or simply favorite colors.

Round Three’s Winner: Qalo

All things considered, the point for selection goes to Qalo. There’s no doubt that the brand offers more customizations and original designs than Groove.

Of course, you’ll find numerous rings in both stores. But, Qalo is better oriented towards unique pieces – from different colors to brilliant collections, Qalo aims to keep customers satisfied with its broader catalog of rings. 

qalo rings

Price and Warranties

Lastly, we’ll compare the costs of the two brands. 


Let’s begin with Qalo. Their regular (non-customizable) rings range from $14.95 to $29.95 for both men and women. Of course, the special editions and collection pieces can climb higher, but not by much. If you’re looking to purchase a customized ring, the expense depends on how much you want to individualize the design.

But, an average price point for a custom ring tends to be about $40, but this fluctuates according to your chosen band and design. In general, Qalo offers affordable rings, which makes it easy to find the perfect piece on a budget.

They also provide a forever warranty, which, as the name suggests, is valid from the moment you buy the ring. However, keep in mind it’s one time only exchange. So, if you need to replace the ring a second time, the warranty won’t work.


Groove rings tend to cost a bit more. With a basic band anywhere between $29.95- $34.95 (on average). With custom pieces falling around the $39.95 mark, so the cost is almost tied with Qalo. Groove, unlike Qalo, offers an unlimited warranty.

It lasts a lifetime (or 94 years, to be exact), and there’s no limit on the number of exchanges. The brand promises to help you out if the ring breaks or even if you lose it, as long as you contact them and suitably explain the situation.

Round Four’s Winner: Groove

All in all, Qalo’s and Groove’s prices are relatively similar. There are no steep spikes or falls, keeping the general cost at about $30 on average. But, because of Groove’s generous lifetime warranty, we have to say they take the point this round – after all, who doesn’t want an unlimited warranty?!

Additional Accessories

While you’re already shopping for your ideal ring, you may as well see what else these online stores have to offer…


Next to your ring, you might want a few matching items to brighten up the everyday. Qalo offers a great selection of accessories, such as watchbands and even dog tags. That’s right. If you want your beloved pet to match your style, that’s totally possible.

Of course, the ID tags come with custom text (with no additional cost) and are made from the same silicone as your ring, so it’s safer, softer, and more pliable than metal.

Qalo also has family-oriented accessories, such as baby blankets and teething necklaces. It might seem unusual to have such items next to a ring. Still, Qalo is dedicated to the family and its values. Therefore the things you find in the store are safe and carefully made. 


On the other hand, Groove only has watchbands. They come with the same grooves as the rings, so your skin can breathe and get rid of moisture. Patterns are similar to the ones available for their rings, but so far, there are no customization options for these products. 

Round Five’s Winner: Groove

For this final section, we have to give a point to Qalo. They go above and beyond to cater to the additional needs of their customers. groove watch bands


Question: Why Groove rings are more breathable?

Answer: Groove uses a special design to ensure the breathability of its products. The inner side of the band has indents that keep the moisture off of your skin. So, you’ll no longer have to worry about rashes or irritation when wearing your silicone ring.

Question: What makes Qalo stand out?

Answer: The brand offers customers great rings, but they’re also well-renown for their other extra accessories too. From dog tags to date night boxes, there are tons to choose from. All can be matched with your lifestyle (and of course, your ring).

Question: Are Qalo and Groove’s rings unique?

Answer: Yes, Qalo and Groove’s rings are unique both in terms of how they’re crafted and their designs. Qalo sells special collections that you won’t find anywhere else, whereas Groove also offers exclusive rings that can only be purchased from their store.

Question: What are Qalo and Groove’s replacement policies?

Answer: Qualo and Groove have different replacement policies. Qalo allows you to exchange your ring within 60 days of ordering if the size doesn’t fit. Or you can get a refund if your return the ring within 30 days. Groove also has a 30-day return policy, but it allows you to exchange the ring if you don’t like the color within the same month.

Question: Are Qalo and Groove socially conscious?

Answer: Yes, both brands care about the world we live in, so you don’t have to lower your ethical standards. Qalo promotes several campaigns relating to health and well-being, while Groove also engages in philanthropic activity.

Conclusion: Groove Life or Qalo?

Okay, it’s time, to sum up, the points of this friendly competition. While both brands offer quality products, there’s a clear distinction between the two services.

Qalo has the most extensive selection of the rings, for both men and women, for everyday use, weddings, and engagements. The store also sells additional accessories that the whole family can use. However, despite its vast selection, these rings are more rigid than Groove’s.

Qalo rings are thicker and less pliable than the competitor. The size of these rings might appeal to some, but keep in mind their design is more likely to trap moisture on the skin, which can cause a rash or other similar irritations. Groove, on the other hand, has a smaller selection, but all their rings are explicitly designed to keep the air flowing freely.

The silicone used to craft their products is medical-grade. Consequently, Groove offers some of the most reliable and unique wedding rings on the market. Not to mention, the brand stands behind the quality of their bands with its unlimited warranty.

Basically, if you want many options to pick from, go for Qalo. But, if you care more about performance, why not consider Groove for your next ring?

Bottom Line Summary: If we had to choose just one brand, I think Qalo is the better fit here as they have more selection, better durability and more creative options bound to please more people.

Ultimately, you should decide according to what you want. And since neither of the rings cost an arm and a leg, why not try them both? Let us know in the comments box below how you get on; we can’t wait to hear from you!

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