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We love to show off our jewelry. Statement necklaces, bridal sets, engagement rings, even purity rings are all accessories that we wear to show meaning in our lives. They’re not just piece to wear around the finger or the neck, they often have special sentimental meaning to us.

A ring given to you by your parents, an engagement ring, a necklace worn by your best friend are all pieces of jewelry that are more than the metal from which they’re made. They remind us that we’re loved.

Best Places to Buy Loose Gemstones Online

The Best Places to Buy Loose Gemstones Online – Buy Gemstones Today!

Gemstones are beautiful, precious and colorful alternatives to diamonds–but knowing where to find loose gemstones, especially online, can be tricky. The best places, in fact, might be more accessible than you’d imagine. There’s ample reason to both want to and be hesitant to shop online, but there’s no doubt that gemstones themselves can make beautiful …

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Brilliant Earth vs James Allen

Brilliant Earth vs James Allen: Which One Is a Better Diamond Vendor?

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: While Brilliant Earth is a nice option, the overall better quality, selection and pricing is definitely via James Allen here. If you’re searching for online diamond retailers, there are two players on the market you should know about: Brilliant Earth and James Allen. In today’s post, I will discuss both …

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Qalo vs Groove Rings

Qalo vs Groove Rings: Which Brand is Better?

In the jewelry industry, there’s an ongoing argument surrounding metal vs. silicone rings. So, if you’re a jewelry fanatic (like us),  you’ve probably heard lots on either side. However, if we look from the perspective of an active person, silicone rings have no contest. They’re usually pliable, stretchy if needed, they allow the skin to breathe better, and silicone doesn’t interfere with everyday activities.

So, the real question floating around the silicone ring industry is: which brand is better?

Of course, this hinges on personal preferences – after all, who knows your needs better than you do? But, in this review, we’ll try to shed some light on two of the biggest brands of silicone rings: Qalo and Groove.

Each boasts its own perks and downfalls, so hopefully, we’ll h

enso vs qalo

Enso vs Qalo: Which Silicone Ring is Best?

Engagement rings are the kind of thing happy couples love to show off wherever they go. Why wouldn’t they? Making this sort of commitment is a big step and worthy of being celebrated and displayed. Traditional wedding rings encapsulate these emotions, but they can’t be taken everywhere.

For wearers working manual jobs or those who frequently handle moisture or oil, metal rings present an obstacle. Even at home, when we stick our hands in water to clean the dishes, traditional rings have to be taken off each time.

This is just one of the many reasons why silicone rings have exploded in popularity in recent years, especially amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Are you hunting for the right silicone ring to accompany either your own and/or your partner’s li

Choosing Between White Gold, Platinum, and Palladium

Choosing Between White Gold, Platinum, and Palladium Wedding Rings

For your engagement ring and wedding band, you’ll be focused on the cut of the diamond or other gemstone itself. While that’s usually the primary focus, you shouldn’t forget that the metal wrapped around your finger is vital to the longevity of the ring itself. That is also true of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Before …

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How To Find The Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

3 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes

Ever wanted jewelry but don’t have time to shop? Now maybe the best time to find the best jewelry subscription box, with so many options flooding the market.

From fine jewelry necklaces to fashionable watches and even beautiful diamond alternatives, jewelry subscription boxes were once seen as new and innovative. No longer did you have to go to a store in person– now you could have options shipped right to your door.

But 2020 changed the jewelry subscription box market, in ways no one could have imagined.

While the global pandemic has caused an economic downturn across the world, subscriptions, including jewelry subscription boxes–have had a twist of fortune. In fact, according to a Forbes report, “

anna sheffield designs

6 Of Our Favorite Art Nouveau Jewelry Designers

When you love the Art Nouveau style as much as we do, you can hope to stumble across the engagement or wedding ring that really makes your heart sing.  Or, alternately, you can find a jewelry designer who will create a bespoke ring in a style you absolutely love. Vintage-inspired rings can so closely match …

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Crown Jewelers Review

Crown Jewelers Review: Is this Company Worth it?

crown jewelers review

It’s undeniable: engagement and wedding rings are no longer confined to traditional storefronts behind security cases, but more and more available online through retailers like Crown Jewelers. While online sales of rings are still an emerging market, growth is notable, with an average of twenty percent per year at least according to retailer Taylor and Hart.

Instagram is now one of the leading influencers for a number of trends, and that includes

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